Friday, November 18, 2011

Dine: Phat Philly at 24th on Valencia Street, San Francisco

Okay, I know people might tell me that a good Philly Steak Sandwich should be from Philadelphia. Since I didn't get to travel to Philly, I figured what difference is there. The only thing I can compare is the Philly Steak Sandwich that I had back home from a bistro and from Phat Philly.

This kicked start my food adventure to the remaining days I was in San Francisco. Having done all my research on places to try out, I forgotten to search by from and to and roughly how far across town did I have to travel to Phat Philly. Elisabeth and I just hopped on to a taxi in search of this place where I wanted to try out. That's when Elisabeth highlighted to me that next time I need to search from our hotel for the nearest place to dine.. LOL.

An honest mistake really, and over here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, us foodies will drive far out to get some good food. Sometime even across to the next state. Naturally this is nothing less to expect of me even though I'm travelling in a different country. When it comes to good food, I will be all geared up to look up for the best place to satisfy my tummy.

If you asked me, I don't quite know what's an authentic Philly Steak Sandwich. Having stepped foot into Phat Philly, the aroma of melted cheese and steak, sauteed onions and mushrooms fills the air. If that is not good enough to make your mouth water, I don't quite know what will then. Phat Philly had a lot of choices for you to choose. Their motto is LIVE LARGE..EAT PHAT!! Wow.. the next moment got me thinking if that's gonna burst my pair of jeans..LOL..
**photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S2-my new android..
You might be spoilt for choices, but may I suggest you to try the above. You must try out The Whole Shi-Bang! It has everything (meat, cheese, caramelised fried onions, roasted peppers, sauteed mushrooms, applewood smoked bacon and topped with slices of avocado) It was cold outside, and sinking my teeth into this sinful juicy sandwich was "heaven" ringing in my ears. Forget the calories.. just walk extra couple more blocks the next day.

If you still don't know what or how to choose? No worries, they have it listed out in steps. Can you believe that? Here's how to start your order to the land of sinful-ness.

1) Choose your size: between 7", regular or 12" known as Phat. In my opinion, 7" is seriously good enough and perhaps even a little more for  you. Unless you decide to be a glutton that day.

2) Choose your philly: this is where you might get indecisive; that's exactly what happened to me.

3) Choose your cheese: go for the All American Cheese or Cheddar is delish.

Next, decide whether you want any beverage and extra add on. I chose an add on, another super sinful side. I ordered the Cheddar and Chilly Fries. It's really not bad but mind you that it is ultra-filling. So I only ate as much I could since I wanted to try it out.

Overall, Elisabeth and I had a good meal.. and in terms of distance from the Grand Hyatt, we shall just leave that aside for now. More of San Francisco to come.. so don't despair, it has not yet ended.. Have a good weekend ahead everyone!!



  1. Totally wish I was in the US! We never have anything as awesome as this in Oz lol

  2. Jo-I don't remember you taking a photo of their sign...looks amazing! As far as for a "bistro"...let's not get carried that far. It was a tiny little place with a few tables, and uncomfortable-cold metal chairs (because the cold air kept coming in from outside, every time they opened the door.

    One thing for sure, the Philly hoagies were really good, and they couldn't make them fast enough, they were so busy! I did enjoy the place, for neighborhood eating, even if it was a bit too far from the hotel.
    Your photos turned out great!

  3. Good choice to go for it.

  4. What a great restaurant review! And I'm cracking up at Lizzie's comments about the cold chairs and distance from the hotel...too funny! I bet you two had so much fun together :)

  5. I've never been there but it sounds like....SO MUCH FOOD! lol. By the way were you taking notes? I'm amazed how much stuff you remember about during your trip. =) I miss you Jo!

  6. Oh, the sandwich sounds amazing! I'm not a huge fan of Philly sandwiches, but the SheBang sounds like it's perfect! Thanks for sharing and I'm SO excited you had fun!

  7. Jo, I came over here from Gina's blog and I must say I've had so much fun reading all about your SF adventures. I can't imagine you've flown all the way from Malaysia just to attend the FB Festival but it looks like it was worth the trip...especially since you got to meet Tyler Florence after the first disappointment! Bravo to you for being so courageous to say Hi to him.

    Anyway, I really should think about making the long trip to attend this in the future. Meeting up with all my favorite bloggers would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing your stories here :).

  8. I'd love to try one and propose marriage to it immediately! This is smashing. Love it.


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