Monday, September 13, 2010

Been Away..


As you might have noticed that I have been quiet since I have not blog in a while now... Well, lately I've been caught up with work and have been busy running around, packing up stuff to transport them to my new family home. Gosh.. who would have thought that moving is such an  "easy" task? I assure you that it's not and it's simply a painstaking task.. =.=''

Although I must say going to a new environment is fun yet a little nerve racking since it's like first day of school. Getting to know new neighbours etc..

After 24 years in living in our current home, my family and I have decided to move to a new place since they wanted to stay in a much larger home. Apparently it's twice the size of my current home in terms of squarefoot. Don't worry, I'll try to snap some photos and share it with you peeps as soon I've got the time to do so. Not forgetting, through that long tedious process of planning, meeting up with interior designers, to suit my ideas and designs, I've managed to make some new friends in Etsy. Well.. Shana, Jenny, Sarah, Dixie, Cindy.. if you do stop by.. 'thanks so much'...

Once I have most things sorted, I'll be able to resume to my blogging and not forgetting to show you all what wonderful items I purchased from my new friends in Etsy.

So much to say, do and share with you guys.. but so little time.. Soon I'll be able to post up more...


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