Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cupcakes Galore

You're not going to believe what results I got by just typing keywords like "cupcake" or "cupcake + blogs" etc.. The results were endless.

(Disclaimer: I do not claim that I own the photo above. Photo's taken from It's purely to share the joy and wonders of baking delicious cupcakes. )

Not to mention I stumbled upon sites in the USA, UK, Aus, etc.. all describing on their little treats. What a joy reading them and surely inspired me to continue baking.

Looking through blogger who blogged about cupcakes was such a TREAT. Yes.. I must say this.. I HEART Cupcakes. Gosh.. just looking at the cupcake photos made my mouth water and even made me eager to go straight home to bake a batch of glorious delicious treats.

On a high note.. I really LOVE traditional cupcakes (eg; Vanilla Cupcake with Choco Frosting/ Butter cream Frosting, Lemon Poppy with Cream Cheese Frosting etc..). Nothing too fancy, although I do enjoy baking the non-traditional ones too..

Only mistake I made was not taking photos of what I baked. Perhaps I did. I should really go look up for them.. Soon my dearies, I shall bake a whole lot of cupcakes, and all of  you will be my guinea pigs. Muahahhahaha.. >.< Any orders? I'll soon post the flavours after I move into my new home where I get to experiment, and work on my little projects and YOU get to be my testers. Hope you guys will support me through this journey!

(**Disclaimer: Tasting my SINFUL TREATS will be at your own discretion.. lol..)

Toodles for now and do continue to follow me on my little projects.. which I believe I've got tons..


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