Friday, August 26, 2011

Featured In: Little Wed Hen & Show Your Cake

I've been itching to share with you the good news, but I figured it's best that I wait for it to be published first. When Stephanie from Little Wed Hen dropped me a message on Twitter wanting to feature Amanda's Pink Rainbow Cake in their website, I was super duper thrilled. Come to think of it, it hasn't really sink it yet. I'm still excited, and trying to glue my bottom down to my seat.

Then, Marda at Show your Cake also left me a comment wanting to feature my cake in her blog too. Wow!! It's an AWESOME accomplishment for me and hopefully I can keep up and create more beautiful treats.

I cannot believe that I will be featured in Little Wed Hen, a Bridal Website based in Melbourne, Australia. Ahh.. Melbourne has an impact on me while I was there and certainly left a small piece in my heart. If I have any excuse, Melbourne will be the place I go to for a cool vacation. All I do is eat, eat and eat and catch up with family and friends.

Okay now back to this exciting news that I have to share with you.. or have I just blurted out everything on top? Anyhow, do pop by Little Wed Hen or give Marda a buzz. Check them out and read a little more on what they have to say.

I certainly am Tickled Pink right now.

Have a great weekend!!



  1. That's a great compliment indeed! You deserve all the attention really, such talent shouldn't be hidden away. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats, girl! How cool and you totally deserve it for that beautiful cake!!

  3. OMG! Joanna - this is GREAT! It's an amazing cake, so I'm not surprised....but WOWZA! That is really great! I'm sitting here grinning from ear-to-ear!

  4. Congrats!!! That is huge honor and I couldn't be more happy for you!!

  5. Congratulations!!! Such awesome news and very well deserved :)

  6. Congrats! I am so happy to see your talents getting noticed, especially on a bridal website. Have a great weekend!

  7. Congratulations! It's such a great feeling to get recognized for your work :)

  8. Well your cake should be featured everywhere! It is just gorgeous and has to be shared with the world =)

    Btw did you get a new header? I don’t remember seeing this last time, but as my boss would say “it must be me eyes”.

  9. Congratulations! Well deserved! Your creations are all gorgeous, you know! :)

  10. Hi Jo-Congratulations in your most amazing and gorgeous cake feature in such a wonder bridal blog
    where it truly belongs, and in any princess birthday, bridal shower, baby shower...not hinting...LOL just imagining the possibilities.
    I will certainly click over and say "hello" there, as well!

  11. Wow, congratulations! You totally deserve all the attention! That cake looks fantastic :)

  12. Forgive me if this is a duplicate. Congratulations on your good news. The cake was stunning and deserves to be featured.

  13. Hi everyone! THANKS so much for the support. Truly appreciate it. Sure makes my day.

    Lily: This is the final and new look of Chic & Gorgeous Treats ;). This will be my banner now. Hahaha.. Thanks for noticing.

    Sandra: No worries.. it's really nice of you to pop by again.. Always good to herar from a foodie friend.

    Elisabeth: You are definitely triggering some ideas in my head.. More to come I hope and can't wait to share them all with all of you.

    Have a great week everyone!

    Hugs, Jo


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