Monday, October 4, 2010

Dessert Recipe: Oreo Truffles..tiny & sinful..

My gosh.. time is certainly flying by like crazy.. I cannot believe that another weekend has just gone by with a snap of a finger.

Well, you see I had a luncheon session with an old primary schoolmate. Although, I did have my little suspicions thinking that it would be her birthday as I do recall it's in October but didn't realise it was exactly beginning of the month. oOopsiee..

Lately, as you're aware.. I have made plans to experiment baking or make something new and sinful every weekend based on all the recipes I stumbled upon. I know that might sound insane.. and could actually cause the number on my weighing scale to go up, but don't you just love sharing the treats with others? Like the saying goes.. sharing is caring?  Of course I would hand out my treats to family, friends and to those who were willing to be my guinea pig . Lol.. So rest assured, hopefully my scale maintains or drops. {Phew =.=''}

Since the luncheon was on Saturday; I didn't exactly have much time to go through the process of baking and frosting. What did I make this time?

Let me say this. It's really quick, simple, easy and requires no baking.{Notice I bolded those statements?} Desserts could not be any simpler than this. All is required is a food processor or rolling pin, spatula, a big bowl, some hand massage and 2 spoons. As for the taste.. you might ask? What could go wrong with the sound of Oreo Truffles? This recipe is definitely inspired by Angie from Bakerella. Another dessert diva.. whom hopefully one day I would have the priviledge to meet.{dreaming}

Hmmmm... Knowing myself, I can never seem to follow the recipe exactly as I love to experiment or tweak it here and there. Bakerella's recipe asked for 7 Oreo Cookies.. but I used up 3 packets of Oreos which I would say approximately a total of 42 Oreo Cookies. {Taking a gamble here indeed..} It yields approx. about 56 medium size truffles.


Yields approx. 56

Oreo Cookies: (3 packets)
Cream Cheese: 8 oz (approx. 240gms.. I used the entire packet)
Vanilla Essense: 1-2tsps
Hershey's Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips: approx. 1/2 packet
Unsalted Butter: adjust according to texture and consistency needed
Coloured Sprinkles: optional

Prepare the Oreo Balls:

Before you decide to pulverise the cookies, make sure to separate the cream apart from the cookie. Otherwise, you might get a mushy dough by the time you had your fun of releasing your stress pulverising the cookies.

If you don't have a food processor, put the cookies into a zipper lock bag and use a rolling pin to crush the cookies. Crush it as fine as possible so that you would not end up having large crumbs in your Oreo balls.

Next, all we got to do is mix together the blended cookies and cream, and add in 8oz of cream cheese {it's about 240gms.. but I used the entire packet of cream cheese which was 250gms since I've increased the quantity of the cookies}

I had my brother around and got him to have a quick taste. Muahahha.. We both felt that it needed a little more flavor, so we went semi generous by adding Vanilla Essense and added some of my own remainder of lemon cream cheese frosting for the extra taste and kick. Make sure you mix it well until combined, and able to form it into a dough to roll them into tiny Oreo balls/ truffles.

**Feel free to experiment: Add in a dash or couple of 'big' drops of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua or Tia Maria. These flavours would defnitely compliment each other {In my opinion}. Instead of kids free truffles, you might get a grown up version. Yummmm...

Set aside the Oreo balls in a tray layered with parchment paper, and chill it for couple of hours until the roundish form stays till they harden up a little. You could definitely do this in a day in advance and leave it in the fridge overnight. But make sure to cover up the truffles with a cling film wrap. Otherwise, you will get a dried out dough. Not something we want here do we?

Prepare Chocolate for Coating:

Lastly, melt some Hersheys Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips {Bakerella's called for Chocolate Barks by Krogers.. but I couln't find it here in KL.. so I swapped it with Hersheys} in a microwave for close to 1 min or less, as long not burning the choco. Take it out and add a couple doll ups of unsalted butter. Add a little by little as you mix the choco and butter together till you get a semi-light runny texture. For a total of 56 truffles, I used close to half a packet of the Hersheys Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.

A note: I recommend melting choco chips in batches. Also let the choco cool down for a bit before you dip/ submerge the Oreo balls in the melted choco. Then use 2 spoons to scoop out the ball and then tap the spoon a little to take off the excess choco.

Next, slide it onto a tray or another tray prepared and  layered with parchment paper. Here you may add some coloured sprinkles of your choice or without it is fine. Place the coated truffles back into the fridge and let it set for couple of hours or overnight before consuming them. Do refrain at all cost until you have manage to transfer them into mini cupcake paper cups, if you're planning to hand out the truffles. Lol.. Otherwise bon app├ętit {slurps}.



  1. I'm so glad I visited your blog...when I saw these gorgeous Oreo truffles, I knew I was hooked. I am following your blog now, hope you will visit my blog, and follow too. Also, happy to be friends with you!

  2. Hey Elisabeth, I'm glad you shared with me your food blog too. I'm hooked as well and certainly can't wait to see what you're about to whip up or cook next {drooling}.

  3. Orea and choclocate in one! I will melt my boy instantly if I made this. I will definitely bookmark this :-P

  4. Wow! These truffles are absolutely amazing! I love Oreos, so these would be a big winner with me. You have a lucky friend!


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