Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jon Schmidt's "Game Day" Original Music Video

(Disclaimer: I do not own the video above.Video is courtesy from and is from YouTube which allows us to share in e-Blogger. This video is intended solely for the use of spreading the joy of good music and informational purposes only and NOT for commercial or promotional  purposes.)

Morning peeps! It's Thursday today and soon will be the weekends coming up. Yeaaayyyy!!!

Thought I share with your guys something that I'm currently listening to. Okay, I'm addicted to this instrumental piece right now. Do check it out as this song really makes you feel like a WINNER in tournament or in LIFE as there are lots of chords played by both hands in several parts. Although a little repetitive.. but Jon Schmidt is a talented composer and he writes AMAZING pieces. I've checked out some of his music sheets. Although they look relatively simple, but boy this guy has a flare for rhythm. Tricky rhythm, chords, hands cross over, and not to mention the speed of the piece.

The song helps me stay calm and focus and brings out lots of inspiration in me. Hope it does the same for you guys too. ENJOY!!


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