Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Temptations

Scream HoOrAh if you LoOOoVvvEeee desserts! And knock yourself against your head if you don't! :P

I've decided to sway a little bit out of my travel places stories as I have this sudden craving for desserts or flaky puff pastry. Aahhh.. I can smell fresh pastry baked and just out of the hot oven. MmmmmMm.. Technically I'm just imagining the smell and taste in my mine. Lol..

Perhaps I'll share with you the desserts I had during my travels which left a mark in my brain & stomach but not to my hips & thighs. (Yeah right!!.. scoffs) Lol.. Since walking a lot during travels helps. :P

If I only had my own kitchen, I would probably take out my trusty Kitchen Aid and whip up something.

Now, let me reveal to you the sinful desserts my best buddy and I had during our last year’s trip down to Melbourne and Sydney. I believe lesser words from here is appropriate as I’ll let the picture speak for itself. Maybe will insert some descriptions.

Feast your eyes away.. Have a sweet one!!

To dedicate to my darling girls who loves desserts *hugs*


Choc Mud Cake: Sophia Pizza House, Camberwell

Traditional Pancakes: Stokers, Ivanhoe

Fruit Tart Rumba-Ba, Chocolate Eclair with Fresh Crème,French Vanilla: The Acland Cake Shop, St. Kilda 

Lemon Tart & Chocolate Cake: Eastbank Cafe Bar & Restaurant, Circular Quay

Dark & Milk Choco Milkshake, Choco Macaroon, Wimbledon: Lindt Chocalat Cafe, Cockle Bay

White Chocolate Panna Cotta: Guylian, near George St.

HoneyComb Cheesecake: Cafe Greco, Crown, Southbank

Christine, Van Gogh: Laurent Patisserie, Lil. Collins St. 

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