Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Patisserie anyone?

Two weeks ago (23 July,2010), I had a mini-break. The mini-break brought me down south, Singapore. This break was mainly a shopping trip since it was Singapore Sales period. Lets just say I didn't buy much clothes or shoes but burn a hole in my pocket by purchasing SGD $400+ worth of beauty products from Sephora. Whoot!!

Perhaps at a later time, I'll talk a little bit more about the beauty products I bought. During this trip, I have arranged to meet up with an ex-colleague since the first three quarter of the day will just be me, myself and I at Orchard Rd. Before I forget, I stayed in Hilton Orchard. Tsk.. tsk... tsk.. Boy, I was only less than 5 minutes walk away from ION Mall. Can you imagine how much damage that I may have made? Lol..

Okay back to the myterious person whom I met up with. So we met up, and went to one of the malls, near Takashimaya for dinner. Had Jap food for dinner but sadly I did not snap much photos for this trip. Started catching up and to my surprise, my friend has crafty hands too.

What's interesting is that she makes desserts or pastries. NO, not t the real ones but fake ones. When she showed me the pictures, I was blown away by her creativeness. The desserts and pastries looks like the "REAL THING" and the best part is they are all MINIATURE size on a scale of 1:12. WoooWwwww..

Aahh, my creative friend's name is Pei Li aka Chef Miniature Patisserie. I love her work and thought I share them with you as the tiny desserts made are just so cute. Check out her blog and I've also pasted some of her creations here for your to view. If you like them, you can order it from her or request for custom made. I particularly like the 'tower meringue', 'strawberry tart', 'strawberries', some cakes. Doesn't it make you feel like eating them? What say you??


Shop at Etsy:

(Disclaimer: Photos courtesy of Chef Miniature Patisserie. Photos shall not be duplicated.)

Meringue Charlotte Cake

Miniature Meringue Tower

Assorted Mini Cakes


Chestnut Lavendar Cake Slice


  1. Thanks Joanna ....we ought to do high tea or something the next time you're here! ;)

    Pei Li

  2. Heya Pei Li,

    You're welcome! Yeah.. hi-tea sounds great. ^.^ Hey.. when will you be coming down to KL? We can do hi-tea here too. Lol.. How's your miniature desserts making coming along? TC! Jo


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