Friday, August 6, 2010

Crafty Hands..

I used to join a lot of Art Contests when I was a kid. Not sure if my mom kept any of my art pieces. I recall, I won twice when Toy R'Us had their Art contests. Wish I could only find back those newspaper clippings. The BEST part was won $100 worth of voucher each time and that could buy myself any toys I wanted. It sure made me happy while I as a kid.

Anyway, I was digging through some of my photo archives and found something I made approx. 4 + years ago. They were Christmas gifts for my friends. Well not sure if any of 'you guys' are using it.. Lol..

I bought a red thermo flask and a side table lamp from IKEA. They were plain and I wanted them to look different. Like nobody would have, since it's sort of 1 kind of item. Decided to paint a butterfly on the thermo and rose on the table lamp. Hmm..thinking back, I sure do miss doing some craft work.

Well, these are the 2 items I made..I'm no pro, so go easy on me, if you like to comment. >.<


my creation


  1. i love the roses on the lamps.. look really nice.. :)

  2. Hey Theresa. THANKSSS.. I love the roses too on the lamp. It turned out well. Lol..Hopefully I'll have time to experiment more of my craft work and perhaps bake too. ;p. TC!


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