Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to My World!!

Hi peeps!

For starters, blogging is a whole new world to me & I suppose I can be pretty long winded since i love to talk so much. Lol.. I promise to keep the later ones as short and sweet as possible ;).

After going through my friend's blog and friends of friends, I've decided to start one due to lots of encouragement..Mainly to share my thoughts when I have any, and to just continue telling stories to my best buddies, new friends (you know who you are), but this time in a form of a blog.

There are just way too many things to talk about on what I love. I love interior decorating, fashion, travelling, photograph, music, craft stuff, baking, cooking & of course eating. The list goes on and on..

Right now, I'm taking a risk not knowing if my friends will read my blog. But what the heck.."don't try, don't know" right?? >.<

I have this sudden urge of wanting to share my travel photos, places I visited over the past few years and times spent with good friends. Sometimes, there are just way too many sadness around us, and I would certainly try to spread more 'Happiness' bug to everyone to cheer up a dull day or a down moment.

Oh! Not forgetting the one thing I LOVE most besides travelling is FOOD. Will certainly need sometime to compile before I blab everything out here in my personal diary.. story book; based on my whims and fancy of what I like to call it.

Till then.. hope you'll continue to check in along with me. ;)


1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your first post!! There is always a first time in everything! Hope you'll continue to write :)

    Pei Li


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