Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Part 3 : The Land With Modern "Junk"

Hong Kong Disneyland "Where Dreams Come True"

The Journey Begins..

For those who've been to Disneyland in the USA, Europe or Japan, do keep your opinions to yourself as I know lots of people out there complaint that Disneyland HK is small and not as good.

As for myself, I've never been to Disneyland and I would not compare. So having the chance to step foot in one is good enough for me and I certainly enjoyed myself as it reminded the kid in me. I would suggest reading reviews but don't take the reviews seriously as it's really subjective. The best is to experience Disneyland HK first, and then judge it later.

Based on my parents review; no doubt Disneyland HK is smaller BUT everything in the grounds LOOKS EXACTLY the same as the ones in USA, Europe or Japan.

Overall, the experience for me was FUN, and sure reminded me to keep having faith, hope and to not lose our DREAMS and dreams do come true if we believe in them.

Me then..feeling like a kid again.. ^.^

There're loads of photos to share with you as I went snap frenzy in Disneyland. Lol.. Forgivable, since we're to be kids again... or at least for 1 day. >.<

Yoo hoo.. Mickey & Minnie, Goofy , Donald & Daisy Duck and Pluto. Where are you? Lol..

Oh! Before I continue.. what I would like to suggest is to make sure to take the time schedule leaflets near the entry. They are placed to the right and left of the once you enter. This is a very useful tip as this is what my family and I did.

With the time schedule, you'll be able to plan on which shows to check out first or to go which theme park to play. I highly recommend watching the shows and I can assure you that some shows are back to back. Therefore be prepared to run from 1 theme park to the other like what we did. Lol..

Now, along the way through my camera lens..

Now I'm only able to talk about the shows that we watched. We pretty much checked out all. For the shows we checked out; I tried to snap some shots as I believe we or I was not supposed to. oOoppsie..  ;p

I have to say, the performers are good. Nothing much to comment other than if you're a Disney fan, you would probably be tapping along to the beat of the song or maybe even sing along with the tunes. Do enjoy my "sneak" shots. Lol..

The Golden Mickey

The show is about Mickey's Evolution over a period of time as well as introducing the other members of the Disney Family.

The Lion King

The set of the Lion King was AMAZING. The stage is in the middle of the tent, and there were fireworks at the end of the show. As for the songs sung, they were similar to the Broadway version of Lion King. Have not watched the Broadway version, but listened to the songs before. :)

Now, here's some sneak peak....

Another show that I watched was a 3D show with Donald Duck as your tour guide. Of course you'll need a 3D glasses; loan to you at no cost involved. It'll be fun to check it out especially if you have kids and do your level best to get the front row seats. It'll be fun, as you can feel the wind through your hair while floating on a magic carpet ride, going under the sea with water splashing etc..Therefore, try it. You may not like it but your kids might just enjoy the ride!

The Jungle River Cruise @ Adventureland

Do hop on to this cruise if you feel courages. :P The cruise is conducted in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. So be sure to queue at the right line.
The Ranger will be your tour guide and River Raft Captain.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos of this ride. But I suggest to try it out as it's really fun since there'll take you into the heart of hidden regions.

BEWARE.. as hippos, cobras, elephants, orang utans and startling jungle events awaits. Lol...

The Disney Parade

Since it was December with Christmas around the corner, the theme of the parade was "White Christmas".

**A tip: Make sure to get to the place earlier to sit on the curb to get front row view. It's first come first serve basis. Therefore if you're late, you'll be standing at the back of the crowd. Do remember that some kids will be seated on their parents shoulder. If you like to take photos, please be there earlier and hang around the area.
Once the parade is over, you could go back and play around in the theme parks. Do hang around..The last show if recalled correctly is at 07:00PM in the evening whereby there will be FireWorks stunts displayed at Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Okay, I'll leave you with some of my shots of the Parade and the view at night with the fireworks display. I could only think of 1 work to describe DisneyLand. *_*



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