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Part 2: Trang, Krabi, Thailand (Dec 1995)

Hooray, TL has gone home for the day. Yippie will continue my story telling. Not to worry, I will not neglect my work. Just gotta Alt+Tab in between screens. Lol..

The same day, as I thought that would be the end of going into caves, the next place in our ‘to do’ list was to visit Tham Kao kob (Kao Kob Cave) or Tham Le (Sea Cave). After my minor gift from Santa, I was not sure if I enjoyed seeing another cave. This time it was supposed to be different as I was assured by Aunt Judy.

Tham Kao Kob is said to be the longest sea under the mountain.
**Best time to visit Tham Kao Kob will be in summer but not during rainy season because it will be difficult to get in there.

Kao Kob Cave is located in Kao Kob Mountain surrounded by rubber trees and rice fields. Around the mountain are the canals; the first one goes left, the second one goes right and the last one go directly into the mountain. Guess what! We were told to keep our hands in the boat, duct and bow down when instructed by the guide. Hmmm.. that got me thinking of what could be lurking under us. Crocodiles? Okay, I still have my 10 precious fingers to type. So I shall stop being overly dramatic. =.=’’

Krabi is indeed a gem having the Andaman Sea surrounding it. How we got there? An hour plus tour bus ride. Then we were walking on the soft sandy beach. There waiting for us were some speedboats or sampan as it's known here. Sadly there is no steps for us to step foot on to get into the ‘sampan’. The way to do it was to seat our ass at the side of the boat, using our body weight to push it down a little, and then seat ourselves in. Go figure.
We made several stops as we were brought to visit a couple of islands. The very next day or was it the same day.. can’t recall much now, we chartered a ferry. Then we were taken quite far out of the Andaman Sea for some serene snorkeling.

Gosh I tell you, the corals were so beautiful, and the water so clear. Of course being me, a little paranoid with sharks, I totally forgotten about it. Hmm, anyhow I’m aware that the only sharks I could possibly see would be coral reef sharks and that I’ll have to dive in order to see them.

Anyway, back to snorkeling. Out of the blue, an idiotic friend of mine decided to throw a couple bread slices as to where I was swimming. What happen next? All the tiny fishes were going mad on a feeding frenzy that some mistaken my little pinky as food when they tried to nibble on my finger. Lol…

At another dive site, I could even recall that the wave current was so strong, and we had to hang onto the rope so that we don’t get push out further into the sea. Here, we thought we saw a plastic bag floating towards us. We were wrong. It was a giant jelly fish heading towards our direction. It’s not as cute as the ones shown in Finding Nemo. All I heard next from the tour guide was “little girl, let go of the rope and swim towards the boat!” That’s when I knew the jelly fish was heading my direction. I was swimming like a mad person to just be out of the way so I don’t get sting.

Did I tell you that the Thai tour guide accidentally stepped onto a sea urchin aka sea rambutan?? It’s no joke people. We can die from it as their thorns are poisonous. This is as far I recall having watched National Geographic. Luckily, for him, he is familiar with the types of sea urchin. Apparently his is not poisonous at all. But those 5 tiny holes on his ball of his heel were turning blue. Yucks. Let me be more specific. The holes were black in colour, and around the rims of the holes were a hint of blue.

For lunch, we were brought to this one particular island near Krabi. To my surprise this island allows people to be nude or shall I say topless. It sure got most horny old man excited but for us kids, we felt embarrassed and was just disgusted with the sight. Can you imagine so many dangling papayas around your face? Thank god NO man went bottomless. I suppose they wouldn’t since other man would be able to check out their ‘ego’ tool. Lol.. And we were supposed to be relaxing, and having our lunch?? It sure made me “relax” alright. Lol..

One last place in Krabi we visited is a hidden island situated inside a Sea Cave. Yup, you read it right. It’s the MOST BEAUTIFUL Sea Cave I’ve ever seen, well since it’s my very first ^.^ .

Hidden in this Sea Cave, there lies a beautiful white soft sandy beach. To get to this place, we must first observe the tide of the ocean. When it’s low tide, there’ll be an opening for us to cross over into the other side of the cave. Naturally we swam across, but for non-swimmers, not to worry as we are all required to strap on a safety life jacket. If you observe, the water is so clear that you could see the bottom of the ocean floor as it’s not very deep. The colour was light turquoise.
Don’t you wish you could go there?

These hidden gems are our part of our Earth Treasures. I sure hope this place is still as serene, clean and clear like how it’s plastered in my mind till this very day.


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