Monday, April 29, 2013

Lime & Mango Sorbet

Hoorah.. the weekend is here again! Then it came and gone with the wind. Oh! can I now freeze time and enjoy every single second? With the heat wave making my head spin, I decided to get started with "work" by sitting down here on my cool living room marbled floor pondering on what could I possibly make to cool off? It has to be something refreshing, light, quick and delicious of course. How does LIME & MANGO SORBET sound to you? I think it's perfect!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mango Swiss Buttercream + Dark Chocolate Cupcake

This is a long overdue post, but it's finally done. Over this Easter weekend, I made some MANGO SWISS BUTTERCREAM  DARK CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE for an order and it couldn't be more of a perfect timing. To go along with them, I made some coral blush robin cake toppers.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oreo & Earl Grey Ice Box Pie & TGIF!

At last, it's Friday and perfect for a long gone TGIF post. As I gaze upon the window, gloomy weather is the forecast of the day and perhaps a thunderstorm coming upon us. Then as I scout around a very quiet workplace and with the air conditioning on at full blast, I feel a sense of chilliness that's making me crave for a hot cup of cocoa.[slurps...]. While I know it seems like it has been forever since I last posted, I do have a valid reason. If you followed me on Instagram, then you may have seen some mouth watering photos and amazing scenic view. To sum up, I was away on a family vacation. So I am back, for those of you who missed me and I will strive to keep on posting whenever I can [brownie's promise!]. 

While I may not have a recipe for you today just yet, but I hope this post will inspire you. Ever wonder what to make out of some left over baked goods? How many times have you thrown off some scrap or what do you if you have a left over cookie dough? Don't toss them out. There are several times I have tossed out extra batter thinking I will not be doing anything to it. This time round, I challenged myself using some left overs [which have not been eaten or touched of course] and came up with [what I personally think.. is a crazy idea]; also happens tastes good is an OREO & EARL GREY ICE-BOX PIE.
Gorgeous Magnolia: Taken in Perth, Australia
The layers? At the very bottom, sits a thin layer of buttermilk dark chocolate cake, then layered with a thin layer of earl grey mascarpone cream, then followed by a layer of home baked graham crackers. While it didn't end there, I slathered some melted dark chocolate spread and finally topped the entire pie with Jello's instant mix Oreo Pudding. To garnished, I chopped up some dark and semi-sweet Sharffen Berger's chocolate bar. Simple enough? Doesn't it make you drool? How would even think this came from left over batter?
Have a lovely weekend y'all and there are many more posts coming up. Right now, I am just going to head back to recuperate from my holiday. 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

After Eight Mint Chocolate Cupcake

A long to do list that needs to be checked off one at a time, and a much needed break is what I really need right now. Whenever, I become a little stress over something, I become over emotional. Over emotional eater that is. Not the kind that will cry my eyes out but will pig out. That's more of me.

So when my heart and tummy crave for chocolate, another friend of mine will call out to me; After Eight Chocolate Mints. The gooey minty centre coated with dark chocolate is simply irresistible. To pay tribute to my obsession towards chocolate and mint, it has to be these AFTER EIGHT MINT CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES.

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