Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, Birthday & Where About!

Past 2 months has been filled with chaotic, and hectic schedule. Birthdays, family, friends and work were mainly my top priority. This time round, I'm aware that I have been away far more longer than usual. Despite, the lack of food blogging, I managed to squeeze in some weekends to bake, in away to distress and baking happened to be quite therapeutic.

I spent the last months, in a quiet space. A much needed time alone too. Very much like the upcoming photos. Serene, calm, chilly and slightly grey which helps to recollect myself and question what are/were my desires in life. Far from that, it drives and motivate myself to continue to persevere building my pathway to greener pastures. Ever so recently, everyday, has either been a blessing or a constant struggle to figure out, how to make that extra dough to stay afloat. The journey hasn't been pleasant either where I stumbled upon port holes one after another following by some bumpy rides. At the end, like the saying goes, if there's nothing good to say, it's best to not say anything.
All I could do right now, is pray that it gets better, brighter each day and hopefully my tiny baking hobby kicks off to an astounding level. Can I vent one last sad sappy news? My DSLR decided to die on me, leaving me with no better choice other than to use a point & shoot camera as a backup [kicks my foot...]. Such a bummer.. So some photos may be from a DSLR, and some are from my trusty regular digital camera. As they say, it's not the camera, and it's all about the skill. This is one area that I am constantly geared to improve. What I realize is that it depends a lot on how I feel that very day too. For instance, if I am in a mood for blurry and grey shots, my photos may turn out that way. Slightly crazy but I adore all forms of food-scenic photography. From vintage, to shabby chic to minimalism or just straight on focusing towards the object.

Moving on, last month was my wonderful loving DAD's 60th Birthday. As you may or may not know, my dad is a huge fan of cheesecake. His love for simple, nothing too frilly or over the top cheesecake this time would be a lusciously DARK CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE. Fluffy creamy cream cheese flavoured with good quality semi-sweet melted chocolate is complimented with Oreo cookie base.
Thank god, I had some backup recipes and shots which I have not blogged about. Those my friends, will be heading your way real soon.

Got to love this line "Although, the vision is hazy, someday I shall be flying so high!" Can you guess? Can you tell where this line is taken from? Here's a hint.. from a music buff like myself, it's from a musical this time and I certainly live on this motto where it gives me drive, faith and defies any gravity that pulls me down ;).

Stay tune peeps...


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