Monday, April 20, 2015

Order Treats Page is LIVE!

Months went by in a flash and so much has happened. There's so much to tell you and also a number of backlog blog posts to share. However, today I would like to announce some exciting news. After several years of procrastinating, I have decided to take a leap of faith and believe in myself to pursue what I love most doing. Which is to bake and make pretty looking treats and also to be able to share them with you in regards to what I currently offer. Alas the birth of ORDER TREATS page.

Here are some photos of what I have been working on the past weeks, months and there will be more to come. Do follow me on Instagram and Facebook Page on my latest musings and whereabouts.
A lot of you has given me tremendous support and having numerous query on what I offer, has driven me to sit down to think through my menu. Do note that my list will always be growing, where old flavours may be revised over time, and I will also be introducing SEASONAL flavours. Being a self proclaim foodie, there will be experimentation in the kitchen on new flavours. Who knows, you may have the first hand to savour some of my cakes?

So do stop by anytime and show me some cakery love. Every support and order given helps me to achieve my goal one step closer each time to attend new cake decorating classes to enhance or pick up a new skill, and at the end of day, becoming a professional cake decorator to continue to make you beautiful delectable tasty treats.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Orange Poppy Buttermilk Scones

Over the past week, I have been toying around with several ideas to share with you on what we could do to celebrate this Valentines Day. I started with a Breakfast Coffee Doughnut post, for those who still want to stay in bed with a cup of coffee or just wonder around the house in their PJs, 

Personally I am a gal who loves to cook and bake and if my other half cooks or bakes for me, that would literally make my heart skips a beat. Yes, I have always been that kind of person that admires a man who is brave enough to put on an apron and experiment in the kitchen. There is just something sexy about a guy who is not afraid to try new flavours and work with fresh ingredients. To add on, he may even style his own food and snap a photo of it. For today's post, it all about spending a little quality time outdoors. Here's another great idea if you like to get some fresh air, and after a light hike, you could always sink in to a simple and fresh meal. Bring a long a picnic basket and enjoy the moment. First item in my picnic basket are these moist ORANGE POPPY BUTTERMILK SCONES.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Breakfast Coffee Doughnuts

Happy New Year 2015 folks! It's now beginning of February. Can you believe that? Boy! time seems to be slipping through my fingers daily. One moment, I was busy prepping for Christmas, New Years and now my family started talking about Chinese New Year preparations too. Not to mention, Valentines Day seems to be just round the corner. To me, every day is Valentines Day, depending how you see it of course. If you're like me, who may not be keen on paying for overpriced food on a fixed menu, couldn't tolerate a rude waiter or waitress, couldn't get a reservation or better yet would just like to spend simple quality time, fret not. I got you covered with 5 ideas, that I think it not only pleases both you, and your man and for parents alike, you can spend the day with your kids. After all, it's about showing what love is.

First stop, have a coffee or milk with these Breakfast Coffee Doughnuts. Be in your PJ's, have them in bed, or not, the idea is to be casual, grab a semi-light bite to wake up those senses.

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