Saturday, October 30, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Melting Jack O'Lantern Oreo Truffle

Happy Halloween

Over here in KL, Malaysia.. the folks here has taken up the whole Halloween festivity pretty seriously. Just like the Social Recreational Club in my office, they would go to great lengths to plan out an activity. It's amazing to see how sporting Malaysians have become. Plus it's really fun seeing all men, women come dressed in their alter ego. I dressed up as a Dark Angel last year with the whole gothic do and to finish it with White Angelic Wings.

Don't worry.. that's not my alter ego as it's a theme that my business unit was going after. The results at the end was that we came up TOP as best dressed team. That was certainly fun. I've always like to be a pixie or fairy or perhaps dress up as Tinkerbell. {i sense eyes frowning =.=''} I think that would be my alter ego. Lol... What's yours?

For this halloween, I've decided to revisit my Oreo Truffle. This is because my brother asked for the Oreo Truffle. Lol.. Since it's going to be round in shape, I've decided to make them into Melting Jack O' Lanterns. {keeping fingers crossed, that I would be able to find an edible pen to draw the faces}

Sadly this time I am under the weather and doubt I would get to pop in my oreo truffle, as I got a wisdom tooth surgery done. Suddenly now out of the blue being attacked with high fever {sigh}. What a party pooper to my weekend. Therefore, I shall do my best to stay awake to provide clear descriptions.

For recipe, click on link below. Instead of using dark chocolate, I found Orange flavoured chocolate in my local bakery. Unfortunately, I don't quite like the texture of the orange flavoured chocolate. Was hoping for a smooth pumpkin, but end up with Melting Jack O' Lantern. Lol.. Have a Happy Halloween!

Note: I reckoned to use candy melt and add colouring or white chocolate and add food colouring for smoother coating {perhaps I should have followed my gut instinct and use my candy melts or white chocolate} Oh well.. we learn from mistakes and baking or making dessert is suppose to be fun. So no worries, if it don't turn out the way you want it to be. So long the taste is GOOD.  



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baking Recipe: {Think Pink} Cupid Cupcake


I know I'm a little late.. but the saying goes "better late than never" right? October is Breast Awareness month. So in conjunction to that, I thought of making something in pink. What did I come up with this time? My cupcake is called Cupid Cupcake. Don't ask me why, but I thought it's cute and suits the whole pink theme I suppose. Lol..

Before I proceed on, I would like to take a minute here to stress the utmost importance to all ladies of all ages out there to make sure to get yourself checked or at least please do a Self Breast Examination (SBE)check. Early detection could do wonders and safe our lives. Also to those who have lost their love ones who lost their battle to breast cancer, do stay strong and send on the healthy message reminding one another on how important we are; whether a mother, wife, daughter, girl friend or friend.

Now, back to cupcake business..

Yeayyy.. I've been tagged!! And now.. who will be next in my list?

Recently I joined and within minutes, days.. I've been found by other foodie bloggers. It's super duper exciting I must say. The feeling is amazing as I get to meet other foodie bloggers through a foodie community. This is definitely a step up for me as I'm trying to build my blog since it'll be a working progress. I kept telling myself that I must preservere and take baby steps.

THANKS to new friends in FoodBuzz for adding me to be a foodie friend to begin with and do stay tune or pop by my humble post when you can {huggsss}.

What's Foodbuzz? Well, it's a community blog for foodies like myself to share recipes, write, type, talk and post about the food or desserts cooked-baked by ourselves. Best part.. you need not have to be professionally trained chef to join the community.

Okay, back to business. >.< Here's what Elisabeth from said...Here are my 8 questions to 7 bloggers, that I will be tagging. {hmm..i'm wondering where am I going to find 8 bloggers?} =.='' Now .. get ready for my answers.

1. What is your all time favorite comfort food?
Mashed Potato {my mom who shared and taught me to make her mash recipe.. her ones' the best}, Pizza with lots of cheese and CUPCAKE of course.

2. What kind of foods did you take to school, for lunch? (any grade)Sanwiches {I'm a bread lover} Peanut Butter and Jelly, Tuna, Sardine, Honey Smoked Ham, Egg, Nutella spread, Cornbeef.. {OMG.. Elisabeth.. typing this is making my mouth water}

3. What is your favorite all time cooking show on T.V... past or present...and why?
I've got a few.. so am gonna list them for you:-

a) Nigella Bites, Forever Summer with Nigella - I love the way she takes a spoon and digs straight into her cooked meal and goes Ummmm..ohhhh.. yumm and I suppose her meals are quite sinful looking. Lol..

b) Anna Olson: Sugar and Fresh with Anna Olson - The colours of her kitchen, the menu she comes up with and her attention to preparation detail; makes watching what she'll be whipping up next is sheer joy.

c) Jamie Oliver: The Naked Chef - He's not your typical chef. Plus there are no frills in preparing his food and I love the way how he gets into mixing the food up with his hands and always tasting his food to make sure the taste is just right.

d) Laura Calder: French Food @ Home - What more can I say.. her food preparation is ala French. Delicate and refine.

4. Which celebrity, famous person, or famous chef, would yo invite to your next holiday party in your home, and why?
Hmm.. for famous chef I would say Anna Olson. She looks friendly, fun and seem to have a chirpy personality. And am sure she wouldn't mind some sugar in desserts as I think she would be one person who would appreciate the fine art of desserts. Also, listening to her talk about food/desserts and perhaps at the same time, she might/could whip up something too for the holiday season, that would be really exciting as I get to finally say "I had dinner/ lunch with Anna Olson." {dreaming.. }

5. Which holiday you love the most?
Christmas and Chinese New Year where there would be a lot of cooking and baking and everyone sits down to enjoy a scrumptious delicious meal and catch up. It's also a time for sharing and forgiving and to spend quality time with family and friends.

6. If you won an all expense paid trip for ten days to the choice of the official Top 3 wine regions which of the 3 would you pick? 1.) Bordeaux, France, 2.) Tuscany Italy, or Napa Valley, California (these are in their actual order on the top 10 favorites)
Tough choice, as 3 of the vineyards produce good fine wine. If I were to pick, I would pick Tuscany Italy.. as I simply would love to take in the view of the country side and greet " Buon giorno, come sta? Non parla Italiano.. parla Inglese? Molto bene.." translated to English would be "Good day, how are you? I don't speak much Italian.. do you speak English? I could only understand very little Italian. {these are probably the few words I said a lot when I was in Italy} Lol.

7. What kind of food you absolutely hated, growing up, as a young child, or teenager.

Innerds and anytype of meat from animal considered exotic. Till this day I still do not consume innerds and "exotic" meat. It's animal cruelty and don't you think it's disgusting?

8. What was the most dreaded dish that you prepared and said you would never prepare it again?
I love Banofee came out good but WAY too sweet. I did say I won't prepare it again. Then again, I'm a foodie, I might give it a go a second chance. ^.^

Here are my 8 questions and 8 bloggers. :)

1) When did you become a foodie blogger/photographer?

2) What's your favourite season (ie; Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring)? (Q3 related to Q2)
3) What would be the first dish you would like to cook or bake?
4) Which celebrity chef/ any of your favourite chef inspires you and why?
5) Name 2 foodie bloggers who you would LOVE to meet; being the first is the top of your list.
6) Have you compete in any cooking or baking competition? Where or when?
7) What would be your all time comfort food?
8) Have you tasted the best chocolate dessert that made you feel like sreaming "OMG...this is so good.. oohhhhhhhhh.. yummmmMMmm"? Where? Do name the shop too. ;p

The 8 Bloggers

1) Yin's Homemade
2) The Constant Hunger
3) Ali Girl Cooks
4) Quaypo Cooks
5) Kimba's Kitchen
6) Simply Food Love
7) Tasty-Trials
8) Squirrel Bakes

*THANK YOU* all for being such a great sport!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Greek' Style Marinated Steak with Homemade Mashed Potato and Chick Pea Salad

It has been a while since I cook or grill steak. Since parents were away and had the whole kitchen to myself, I decided to prepare dinner {end result.. my brother and I were the happy campers}

I suppose you must be wondering what's this Greek Style dish I'm talking about? Okay, it's not typical Greek Food and I'm not claiming it to be. It's just that one day I was going through my Women's Weekly Recipe Cookbook and saw this dish called Greek Style Lamb with Greek salad.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baking Recipe: Bittersweet Passion Cupcake (chocoalte cuppie with passionfruit buttercream)

Hmm.. Did I get your attention this time? Anybody? {wondering}. I’ve always LOVE the scent, smell and taste of Passion Fruit. Be it mixed into iced tea, in desserts or the puree used in jelly. Since passion fruit is in season, I bought a whole lot so that I could finally use them in desserts.

Oh doesn't Bittersweet Passion sound seductress? Well, my Bittersweet Passion is actually a Chocolate Cupcake with Whipped Cream Filling and Passion fruit Frosting.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dessert Recipe: Oreo Truffles..tiny & sinful..

My gosh.. time is certainly flying by like crazy.. I cannot believe that another weekend has just gone by with a snap of a finger.

Well, you see I had a luncheon session with an old primary schoolmate. Although, I did have my little suspicions thinking that it would be her birthday as I do recall it's in October but didn't realise it was exactly beginning of the month. oOopsiee..

Lately, as you're aware.. I have made plans to experiment baking or make something new and sinful every weekend based on all the recipes I stumbled upon. I know that might sound insane.. and could actually cause the number on my weighing scale to go up, but don't you just love sharing the treats with others? Like the saying goes.. sharing is caring?  Of course I would hand out my treats to family, friends and to those who were willing to be my guinea pig . Lol.. So rest assured, hopefully my scale maintains or drops. {Phew =.=''}

Since the luncheon was on Saturday; I didn't exactly have much time to go through the process of baking and frosting. What did I make this time?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Baking Recipe: Limoncello Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting

So, what did I bake? Well, I made mini cupcakes – LimonCello Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting to be exact. Yup.. a mouthful indeed.

Mini LimonCello Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting

I was surfing for recipes one day and stumbled upon a magnificent site. Therefore, this recipe idea is adapted from As for ingredients wise, I may have tweaked it a little here and there. Like for instance the recipe asked for 2 Tbps of LimonCello liqueur; but I sort of put in a little more for the extra lemony kick. Lol..
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