Friday, August 9, 2013

Orange & Almond ButterCream Cake with Berry Blossom Compote

HAPPY BLOG-O-VERSARY Chic & Gorgeous Treats! My tiny blog is now THREE years old. Has it been been 3 years? Boy, how time flies. It felt like it was only yesterday, I started this blog with no direction, filled with uninteresting photos. Part of growing up process and getting better at what I enjoy doing all this while...tapping in to my creative juices. Slowly developing into a precious diary...a log book... a journal of my baking, travel & photography adventure. A self discovery where I found solace, filled with tears of sorrow and joy a midst of my hectic days.

Part of being me, is my obsession towards Berries and Citrus. Orange, Almond ButterCream, Berries & Orange Blossom Water is such a wonderful combination when put together in a classic Orange Butter cake. Just a tiny drop into berry compote makes all the difference. Honestly, just a tiny drop, because Orange Blossom Water is quite strong and goes a long way.

Here's how I plan to celebrate after a long days work. A classy rustic ORANGE & ALMOND BUTTER CREAM CAKE with BERRY BLOSSOM COMPOTE.

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