Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thinking of new design..

Heya peeps!

I believed I've not blog a while or was it just last week I posted a special card here. Hmmph..Anyway it's Malaysia's Independence Day today.  So,"Selamat Hari Merdeka!!" or "Happy Independence Day!!"

Bet you all are still in bed, snuggled in your blankys.. Sadly it's not a holiday for me today as I've got to work. Since my work day's a little quiet today, and am feeling a little sleepy..have decided to come in here to talk to the world of internet. Tsk..tsk..tsk...

So here's something that it'll be great if I get feedback, suggestions or even ideas thrown to my face. I welcome every positive thinkers. Erm.. negative thinkers.. I "welcome" you too. Kekekekke... Am thinking of changing the design of my blog, perhaps the banner.. (thinking cap's on but my brain's filled with crickets chirping away) =.=''. Also, do suggest to me what would you like to read about. Will be about food, beauty, craft stuff, baking recipes I tried and worked or home decor which all I love sharing my thoughts on. Of course, I will do my best to recollect my travels and will suggest what I think of the places I visited too.

Therefore, do continue to tune in while I slowly nurture on this baby project of mine.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happpppyyyy Buuuuurrrrrrffffddddaaayyyy Ms Fifi @ Mrs Lai

I called Ms Fifi today not knowing that it's 18 August 2010. Hmm.. no wonder I felt something a miss like I have left out something. Well, my dear buddy Fifi has moved to Melbourne for good.

So yes it's her BIRTHDAY today and it slipped off my mind when I called her.  Guilty as charged.. but unintentionally..as  I think I need to take in more ginko.

Well, I've wished her obviously.. but here's a token to our friendship. It's so weird, as we would always celebrate one another Birthday every year over a good meal...Hopefully, we could meet up soon eh Fi, and have a delicious meal together..

Okay..this is for you as promised over the phone. Lol... ;P

Many Happy Returns & Happy Birthday!!

Special Message to Ms Fi: Stay gorgeous as always. ;) *huggggiiieesss*
Wah.. now the whole world know if I've got readers. Lol...


My Very First LOMO..

If you peeps read it as "Lo-Mo" Cantonese style.. Please don't! o_0 Lol.. On the other hand if you've heard of LOMO or LOMOGRAPHY.. I'll try to give you all.. a gist of it as I, myself is very new to LOMO too.

Basically, I've decided to detour a little off from my travels, as I figured I should not bore all of you with all the itsy bitsy travel details. Soon, I'll share with you all another travel place. Now, back to LOMO. I believe I have found a new toy to capture my vacation trips.

Hmm.. apparently LOMOGRAPHY was discovered in the early 1990s when two students in Vienna, Austria, discovered a small enigmatic Russian camera. It's called the Lomo Kompakt Automat. It was said that they started a new style of artistic experimental photography of unorthodox snapshots. And the end results were superb, creative, unique, artsy..

By the way, I found this info from http://www.lomography.com/about . If you're interested to know more, click on the link.

From my own understanding, since I'm digital camera user; for LOMO we are moving back to taking photos the old school style. Yup.. you heard me right. Which means by popping in the film, roll the lever and snap. You might think that's no fun, but after reading several articles, I found it enticing. Seems rather challenging and I'm definitely up for that. There's no such thing as bad photos from somewhere I read >.< as it's all about CREATIVENESS. I truly believe that 101%. Hmmm.. I think have the creative bug in me? Don't you think guys???

Part 3 : The Land With Modern "Junk"

Hong Kong Disneyland "Where Dreams Come True"

The Journey Begins..

For those who've been to Disneyland in the USA, Europe or Japan, do keep your opinions to yourself as I know lots of people out there complaint that Disneyland HK is small and not as good.

As for myself, I've never been to Disneyland and I would not compare. So having the chance to step foot in one is good enough for me and I certainly enjoyed myself as it reminded the kid in me. I would suggest reading reviews but don't take the reviews seriously as it's really subjective. The best is to experience Disneyland HK first, and then judge it later.

Based on my parents review; no doubt Disneyland HK is smaller BUT everything in the grounds LOOKS EXACTLY the same as the ones in USA, Europe or Japan.

Overall, the experience for me was FUN, and sure reminded me to keep having faith, hope and to not lose our DREAMS and dreams do come true if we believe in them.

Me then..feeling like a kid again.. ^.^

There're loads of photos to share with you as I went snap frenzy in Disneyland. Lol.. Forgivable, since we're to be kids again... or at least for 1 day. >.<

Yoo hoo.. Mickey & Minnie, Goofy , Donald & Daisy Duck and Pluto. Where are you? Lol..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Part 2 : The Land With Modern "Junk"

Yipppiiiieeeeee!!! It's Friday again. Gosh.. time is really flying. Oh well.. as long we still feel young at heart and THAT'S WHAT COUNTS ;p.

Okay back to HK.. ACTION!! Lol..

We rarely have supper back in KL. Since we were hungry, we venture out to nearby shops around our hotel. The super I had on my first night in Hong Kong was 'wanton mee'. For the four of us in my family, the bill came close to HKD 100.00. Yikess.. =.=''

Well a reminder to tourists, transportation, food and hotels are on a little pricey side in Hong Kong. But, you need not worry as their MRT is super fast, efficient and the lines are colour coded, Taxi Drivers DO NOT haggle for prices at any time of the day and the rate charged begins as HKD 15.00 and the Mini Bus is pretty affordable. They have the Red and Green ones which take you to different streets. So make sure to know the place you like to go and hop onto the correct mini bus.

Anyway, below is my "pretty" costly supper. ;P

YingYong Milk Tea & Ice Lemon Tea

Wanton Mee and Prawn/Pork Wanton

Here are some of the shots that caught my attention throughout my trip ^.^.

Shark Fin o_0

Dried seafood

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Land With Modern "Junk"

Let me bring you back to my very 1st trip abroad.

This place has a blend of Eastern and Western traditions. Looking towards the harbor is a diverse modern metropolis with some old charm, sky scrapers, and endless row of tall buildings where lights lit up the sky at night making the entire city twinkle.

If you're guessing Hong Kong, then you're absolutely right! For those who have not been to Hong Kong, I can assure you that it's every bit like what you see in the Chinese TVB series or HK Blockbuster movies. We visited HK back in Dec, 2007 and the season would be 'Winter'. I must say with the wind blowing against you or at your face sure makes walking from Mong Kok, to the end of East Tsim Tsa Tsui (where The Peninsula Hotel is located) along Nathan Road was sheer joy.

Gloomy day, the best shot I have ;)
Walking Along Nathan Road

Should I recall correctly we stayed in Regal Oriental, Kowloon East area for the entire week. It's a nice little quaint boutique/luxury hotel and we stayed on the 1st floor. It's interior decor was Classic Modern, with clean line furniture, clear screen looking into the bathroom which allows you to pull the shower curtains together for privacy, since the room was rather small. Opposite the hotel/ behind our hotel room view used to be HK's old international airport which has been demolished.

Seating Area Outside 1st Floor Hotel Rooms

As much I like to show you more photos, I had a mishap with my camera where I had no clue how I accidentally deleted all the photos off my memory card in Oceanpark; seated in a cable-car over looking the ocean and hill top. Arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I tell you the agony of that moment was so hard to bear as I was about to cry as I thought I'm losing the memory of HK.

One of my very last shots in OceanPark =.=''

Well, luckily for having tech savvy friend; managed to recover most of my HK photos. Anyway moving forward from here, I've highlighted some places I visited and also displayed Hong Kong through my own eyes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I really do miss cooking for my friends or them cooking and having a party or cookout sessions. Don’t any of you ladies miss it? Sadly, I made a couple of mistakes. It would be not taking enough photos of our creations. Perhaps a mess in the kitchen, but the food was delicious.

Warm grill tender meat, the smell of melted mozzarella & aged cheddar/cheddar over the luscious creamy mashed potato; the tangy Tom Yam fried meehoon, mild sweetness of the crepe and wrapped in it was chicken cubes or the classic fried wanton. Not forgetting our signature Sangria and to end the night with sweet desserts.. A favourite amongst all was the Panna Cotta and Lemon Tart.

The meal below, was a spontaneous cookout by Ms. Stephie, whom created a mess in my kitchen and had trouble frying the wantons. Lets just say it took 2 hours before we all could sit down and eat. Lol.. It was sure funny seeing her cook. But the end result was a D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S meal.

Dessert was made by myself of course. ;)

Raw Wanton

Tom Yam Fried Meehoon

Fried Wanton

Crepe Chicken

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Jelly

I could only go on and on on what we all made and shared over the years. If you ladies manage to capture the shots, do pass it over to me, so I can compile them together; provided you guys are reading my blog. >.<
Here’s a gentle reminder of the times spent together and hopefully more cookouts to come over the years. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy good food, catch up and let go of one another’s busy schedule once a while?


Friday, August 6, 2010

Mini Patisserie anyone?

Two weeks ago (23 July,2010), I had a mini-break. The mini-break brought me down south, Singapore. This break was mainly a shopping trip since it was Singapore Sales period. Lets just say I didn't buy much clothes or shoes but burn a hole in my pocket by purchasing SGD $400+ worth of beauty products from Sephora. Whoot!!

Perhaps at a later time, I'll talk a little bit more about the beauty products I bought. During this trip, I have arranged to meet up with an ex-colleague since the first three quarter of the day will just be me, myself and I at Orchard Rd. Before I forget, I stayed in Hilton Orchard. Tsk.. tsk... tsk.. Boy, I was only less than 5 minutes walk away from ION Mall. Can you imagine how much damage that I may have made? Lol..

Okay back to the myterious person whom I met up with. So we met up, and went to one of the malls, near Takashimaya for dinner. Had Jap food for dinner but sadly I did not snap much photos for this trip. Started catching up and to my surprise, my friend has crafty hands too.

What's interesting is that she makes desserts or pastries. NO, not t the real ones but fake ones. When she showed me the pictures, I was blown away by her creativeness. The desserts and pastries looks like the "REAL THING" and the best part is they are all MINIATURE size on a scale of 1:12. WoooWwwww..

Aahh, my creative friend's name is Pei Li aka Chef Miniature Patisserie. I love her work and thought I share them with you as the tiny desserts made are just so cute. Check out her blog and I've also pasted some of her creations here for your to view. If you like them, you can order it from her or request for custom made. I particularly like the 'tower meringue', 'strawberry tart', 'strawberries', some cakes. Doesn't it make you feel like eating them? What say you??


Blog: http://miniaturepatisseriechef.blogspot.com/
Shop at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/miniaturepatisserie?ref=top_trail

(Disclaimer: Photos courtesy of Chef Miniature Patisserie. Photos shall not be duplicated.)

Meringue Charlotte Cake

Miniature Meringue Tower

Assorted Mini Cakes


Chestnut Lavendar Cake Slice

Crafty Hands..

I used to join a lot of Art Contests when I was a kid. Not sure if my mom kept any of my art pieces. Hmm..as I recall, I won twice when Toy R'Us had their Art contests. Wish I could only find back those newspaper clippings. The BEST part was won $100 worth of voucher each time and that could buy myself any toys I wanted. It sure made me happy while I as a kid.

Anyway, I was digging through some of my photo archives and found something I made approx. 4 + years ago. They were Christmas gifts for my friends. Well not sure if any of 'you guys' are using it.. Lol..

I bought a red thermo flask and a side table lamp from IKEA. They were plain and I wanted them to look different. Like nobody would have, since it's sort of 1 kind of item. Decided to paint a butterfly on the thermo and rose on the table lamp. Hmm..thinking back, I sure do miss doing some craft work.

Well, these are the 2 items I made..I'm no pro, so go easy on me, if you like to comment. >.<


my creation

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Temptations

Scream HoOrAh if you LoOOoVvvEeee desserts! And knock yourself against your head if you don't! :P

I've decided to sway a little bit out of my travel places stories as I have this sudden craving for desserts or flaky puff pastry. Aahhh.. I can smell fresh pastry baked and just out of the hot oven. MmmmmMm.. Technically I'm just imagining the smell and taste in my mine. Lol..

Perhaps I'll share with you the desserts I had during my travels which left a mark in my brain & stomach but not to my hips & thighs. (Yeah right!!.. scoffs) Lol.. Since walking a lot during travels helps. :P

If I only had my own kitchen, I would probably take out my trusty Kitchen Aid and whip up something.

Now, let me reveal to you the sinful desserts my best buddy and I had during our last year’s trip down to Melbourne and Sydney. I believe lesser words from here is appropriate as I’ll let the picture speak for itself. Maybe will insert some descriptions.

Feast your eyes away.. Have a sweet one!!

To dedicate to my darling girls who loves desserts *hugs*


Choc Mud Cake: Sophia Pizza House, Camberwell

Traditional Pancakes: Stokers, Ivanhoe

Fruit Tart Rumba-Ba, Chocolate Eclair with Fresh Crème,French Vanilla: The Acland Cake Shop, St. Kilda 

Lemon Tart & Chocolate Cake: Eastbank Cafe Bar & Restaurant, Circular Quay

Dark & Milk Choco Milkshake, Choco Macaroon, Wimbledon: Lindt Chocalat Cafe, Cockle Bay

White Chocolate Panna Cotta: Guylian, near George St.

HoneyComb Cheesecake: Cafe Greco, Crown, Southbank

Christine, Van Gogh: Laurent Patisserie, Lil. Collins St. 

Jon Schmidt's "Game Day" Original Music Video

(Disclaimer: I do not own the video above.Video is courtesy from ThePianoGuys.com and is from YouTube which allows us to share in e-Blogger. This video is intended solely for the use of spreading the joy of good music and informational purposes only and NOT for commercial or promotional  purposes.)

Morning peeps! It's Thursday today and soon will be the weekends coming up. Yeaaayyyy!!!

Thought I share with your guys something that I'm currently listening to. Okay, I'm addicted to this instrumental piece right now. Do check it out as this song really makes you feel like a WINNER in tournament or in LIFE as there are lots of chords played by both hands in several parts. Although a little repetitive.. but Jon Schmidt is a talented composer and he writes AMAZING pieces. I've checked out some of his music sheets. Although they look relatively simple, but boy this guy has a flare for rhythm. Tricky rhythm, chords, hands cross over, and not to mention the speed of the piece.

The song helps me stay calm and focus and brings out lots of inspiration in me. Hope it does the same for you guys too. ENJOY!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part 2: Trang, Krabi, Thailand (Dec 1995)

Hooray, TL has gone home for the day. Yippie will continue my story telling. Not to worry, I will not neglect my work. Just gotta Alt+Tab in between screens. Lol..

The same day, as I thought that would be the end of going into caves, the next place in our ‘to do’ list was to visit Tham Kao kob (Kao Kob Cave) or Tham Le (Sea Cave). After my minor gift from Santa, I was not sure if I enjoyed seeing another cave. This time it was supposed to be different as I was assured by Aunt Judy.

Tham Kao Kob is said to be the longest sea under the mountain.
**Best time to visit Tham Kao Kob will be in summer but not during rainy season because it will be difficult to get in there.

Kao Kob Cave is located in Kao Kob Mountain surrounded by rubber trees and rice fields. Around the mountain are the canals; the first one goes left, the second one goes right and the last one go directly into the mountain. Guess what! We were told to keep our hands in the boat, duct and bow down when instructed by the guide. Hmmm.. that got me thinking of what could be lurking under us. Crocodiles? Okay, I still have my 10 precious fingers to type. So I shall stop being overly dramatic. =.=’’

Krabi is indeed a gem having the Andaman Sea surrounding it. How we got there? An hour plus tour bus ride. Then we were walking on the soft sandy beach. There waiting for us were some speedboats or sampan as it's known here. Sadly there is no steps for us to step foot on to get into the ‘sampan’. The way to do it was to seat our ass at the side of the boat, using our body weight to push it down a little, and then seat ourselves in. Go figure.
We made several stops as we were brought to visit a couple of islands. The very next day or was it the same day.. can’t recall much now, we chartered a ferry. Then we were taken quite far out of the Andaman Sea for some serene snorkeling.

Gosh I tell you, the corals were so beautiful, and the water so clear. Of course being me, a little paranoid with sharks, I totally forgotten about it. Hmm, anyhow I’m aware that the only sharks I could possibly see would be coral reef sharks and that I’ll have to dive in order to see them.

Anyway, back to snorkeling. Out of the blue, an idiotic friend of mine decided to throw a couple bread slices as to where I was swimming. What happen next? All the tiny fishes were going mad on a feeding frenzy that some mistaken my little pinky as food when they tried to nibble on my finger. Lol…

At another dive site, I could even recall that the wave current was so strong, and we had to hang onto the rope so that we don’t get push out further into the sea. Here, we thought we saw a plastic bag floating towards us. We were wrong. It was a giant jelly fish heading towards our direction. It’s not as cute as the ones shown in Finding Nemo. All I heard next from the tour guide was “little girl, let go of the rope and swim towards the boat!” That’s when I knew the jelly fish was heading my direction. I was swimming like a mad person to just be out of the way so I don’t get sting.

Did I tell you that the Thai tour guide accidentally stepped onto a sea urchin aka sea rambutan?? It’s no joke people. We can die from it as their thorns are poisonous. This is as far I recall having watched National Geographic. Luckily, for him, he is familiar with the types of sea urchin. Apparently his is not poisonous at all. But those 5 tiny holes on his ball of his heel were turning blue. Yucks. Let me be more specific. The holes were black in colour, and around the rims of the holes were a hint of blue.

For lunch, we were brought to this one particular island near Krabi. To my surprise this island allows people to be nude or shall I say topless. It sure got most horny old man excited but for us kids, we felt embarrassed and was just disgusted with the sight. Can you imagine so many dangling papayas around your face? Thank god NO man went bottomless. I suppose they wouldn’t since other man would be able to check out their ‘ego’ tool. Lol.. And we were supposed to be relaxing, and having our lunch?? It sure made me “relax” alright. Lol..

One last place in Krabi we visited is a hidden island situated inside a Sea Cave. Yup, you read it right. It’s the MOST BEAUTIFUL Sea Cave I’ve ever seen, well since it’s my very first ^.^ .

Hidden in this Sea Cave, there lies a beautiful white soft sandy beach. To get to this place, we must first observe the tide of the ocean. When it’s low tide, there’ll be an opening for us to cross over into the other side of the cave. Naturally we swam across, but for non-swimmers, not to worry as we are all required to strap on a safety life jacket. If you observe, the water is so clear that you could see the bottom of the ocean floor as it’s not very deep. The colour was light turquoise.
Don’t you wish you could go there?

These hidden gems are our part of our Earth Treasures. I sure hope this place is still as serene, clean and clear like how it’s plastered in my mind till this very day.


Hmm..in my teens..

During my teens, I was fortunate to have seen some part of Thailand. First Thai trip ever was dad’s company trip on 25 Dec, 1995. The itinerary would be Kuala Lumpur > Perlis >Trang > Krabi > Hatyai > Kuala Lumpur.

We flew via MAS to Perlis. During the flight we were all given a box of truffles. Not local chocolates mind you. The choco was so good. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It melted in my mouth and it was just so smooth. Yum yummm.

Back to Thailand: When we arrived, we cross over the Thai border, and got onto a tour bus.

And the adventure begins from there. We arrived at a little town called Trang. The very first day, Aunt Judy (dad’s old company secretary-may she rest in peace) brought all of us to ThamChangHai Tham Kao Changhai (Lost Elephant Cave) in Trang.

Here I am, clad in white East India tee, paired with bermudas and sandals; all set and ready for my first adventure. All I was told that there were lots of stalactites and stalagmites.

Never knew that we had to go through tight small spaces and require crawling to avoid what seem to be harmless fresh limestone rocks. It came to a part where we all had to crawl with our knees flat to the ground, only using our elbows to support our body and pull ourselves through that tiny gap. Thank god I was tinier then. Lol…

Phew, first obstacle done. Checked and made sure there were no stalactites above me. Coast is clear, then BAM! All I could remember was a loud knock on my head, and the next moment I was seated on the grown seeing stars. Few seconds later, blood was rolling down my face and onto my white tee. Can you imagine the agony of having to wash a white tee stained by blood? Hmm.. okay of course my head’s more important at that point. I was in shocked that I needed guidance to get out. My mom said “Can you be anymore clumsy?” Can you believe it? At that point of time, injured and being nagged. “Mothers, can never understand them at times”.

Well, of course she was concern, but then my mom’s a highly trained staff nurse. There’s nothing she couldn’t handle. Everybody thought I needed stitches since I bled so much, thinking I may have cracked my skull. Luckily it was a deep scalp tissue scratched. Apparently if our skull cracked open, it wouldn’t bleed as much compare to a tissue scratch.

That was sure a big pressie from Santa. Lol.. To be continued.. Time to rest my brain now .


My Travels: How it all began?

I have been travelling around Malaysia while I was a kid. Certainly did not neglect my M’sian roots. I’ve done the whole Malacca, Seremban, Penang, Langkawi, Redang, Kerteh, Terrengganu, Kuching, Sarawak, Pangkor Island, and my hometown Ipoh. I’ve even gone as far up to Perlis once to cross over to the Thai border. :)

The furthest place I visited as a kid which I recalled was Singapore, during every Christmas period. I must say Orchard during Christmas was one of my favorite treats. All the twinkling lights and Christmas ornaments, and displays setup outside all the malls were decorated with intricate details. My one and only talking Barbie was bought from one of the malls situated along Orchard. >.< Yes yes, I love collecting dolls. After all I’m a girly girl.. Lol..Okay went side track abit..

This past few recent years has been filled with more travels, going to places that I’ve dreamt of since I was a little girl.

You see, unlike some…I have not been able to travel to far away places as I have a little brother. So having to wait for him to grow up and only visit overseas during family trips were always a nuisance. However, something struck me in my mind. If it wasn’t for my little brother, I may not have even remembered the beautiful places I visited while I was a child. So thank god for wise parents… that I now have mountain full of memories and its still increasing.

I’ll do my best to recollect what I did during my trip. Perhaps share some suggestions on what I thought of the place and how it made me feel, places to see etc.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Year, New Me

"New Year, New Me" is something that I have been living on this year 2010 after having gone through some changing moments like career, love-life, family, friends etc..

My resolution for this year was “Living Life to the Fullest”; making every minute spent with family and friends count, “Looking for old/long lost friends”; making an effort to keep in touch with them” and “Trying something new in life”, hence the blogging and other activities.

I know that having a resolution is probably over-rated and perhaps a cliché to most people. So far so good for me. With Facebook anything is possible. Although I must say it’s a wonderful tool yet dangerous if misused. =.=”

Nevertheless, I’ve managed to locate back my primary school mates. Yeay!!
I was so thrilled to have found back some of them that we arranged a meet up to catch up on yester years. As you might already guess, we did it over dinner at Meat Works, Solaris, Mont Kiara. Good food, but so-so dessert. On the bright side, it was awesome as the whole night long was just us ladies yakking the night away.

"A toast to old friendship"
It’s amazing how time is just flying by and it’s almost 2 decades that we’ve known one another. Hmm..perhaps I better not reveal the age till I get approvals from the ladies. Lol.. Currently missing a few ladies, will drag them into the group. ^.^

Here's a thought. "For those who have found love, CONGRATS and may you grow old together and those who have lost love, don't despair and keep having faith!" It sure took me a while to forget, let go and move on. Not easy, but once we are able to let go, it's sure life liberating to feel FREE as a bird, and as light as a feather again. Btw, that’s the ‘New Me’ now. ;)

THANKS to supportive best friends closest to my heart and family as they were the core of my mind during the hard times..

Gosh.. Never knew digging through my brain is sure tough, but do pop by as I’ll be going on my memory train soon. Choo! Choo!


Welcome to My World!!

Hi peeps!

For starters, blogging is a whole new world to me & I suppose I can be pretty long winded since i love to talk so much. Lol.. I promise to keep the later ones as short and sweet as possible ;).

After going through my friend's blog and friends of friends, I've decided to start one due to lots of encouragement..Mainly to share my thoughts when I have any, and to just continue telling stories to my best buddies, new friends (you know who you are), but this time in a form of a blog.

There are just way too many things to talk about on what I love. I love interior decorating, fashion, travelling, photograph, music, craft stuff, baking, cooking & of course eating. The list goes on and on..

Right now, I'm taking a risk not knowing if my friends will read my blog. But what the heck.."don't try, don't know" right?? >.<

I have this sudden urge of wanting to share my travel photos, places I visited over the past few years and times spent with good friends. Sometimes, there are just way too many sadness around us, and I would certainly try to spread more 'Happiness' bug to everyone to cheer up a dull day or a down moment.

Oh! Not forgetting the one thing I LOVE most besides travelling is FOOD. Will certainly need sometime to compile before I blab everything out here in my personal diary.. story book; based on my whims and fancy of what I like to call it.

Till then.. hope you'll continue to check in along with me. ;)

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