Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Berry Pavlova + Rose & Raspberry Syrup and NEW VANILLE MAGAZINE is out!

Announcing the third issue of Vanille Magazine! The Spanish version is out and is filled with all lovely Spring and Summer dessert recipes. There's also a section dedicated to cold treats. As we all know, what can be more perfect to cool off a sweaty hot sunny day with a scoop of ice-cream of sorbet? That's not all. This issue also focuses on on of our all time favourite special ingredient. The Vanilla Bean. So, be sure to hop on over to check it out or try out the recipes or like what I always find joy in doing; feasting with the eyes. To celebrate this issue I baked A SUMMER BERRY PAVLOVA served with ROSE & RASPBERRY SYRUP.

Monday, May 20, 2013

PB N' J Bread & Butter Pudding

Past week has been chaotic. Not to mention the weather has been rather crazy too. One moment it was sunny and hot, which literally burns the skin [metaphorically speaking] and then the next, it rains like cats and dogs. Somehow, I believed the craziness affected my mood swings or hormones too as I was easily agitated [sigh...]. So whenever I'm down, apart from running to the fridge to grab a bar of chocolate, I thought wouldn't it be nice to make a small tray of PEANUT BUTTER N' JELLY BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING. And the rest was history!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Madeleine au Citron with Citron Honey Glaze

I had been taking a while to draft this post, and when I  finally did, disaster happened! Coming from a tech savvy environment, I have always saved my work, for this matter, this post. And then, the post was accidentally removed and blogger saved a blank draft for me. Oh gosh! The agony and pain for me to think all over on what to share with  you was tougher than I thought. Sometimes, I feel that technology can be a pain and at times it's handy to our daily needs. It allows us to communicate and stay in touch with one another from far away land with just a click away; whereby a snail mail may take up to a week or two before it reaches it's designated destination. Then again, doing certain things the old fashion way makes it more memorable and meaningful too.

So last weekend, in brief I finally had time to catch up on some movies that I missed out. Ah! yes, it's starting to come back to me now. I watched Alice in Wonderland (the movie) and not the cartoon; although I must say, I do enjoy the cartoon a lot more. Yes, finally peeps! Can you imagine? To make the experience memorable, I whipped up some dainty French Madeleines. Yes, that's right. I will find any excuse to indulge over the weekend. Not just any plain madeleines. It has to be MADELEINE au CITRON with CITRON HONEY GLAZE.

To break it down....

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