Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Shot: Apricots in Summer

I think we need some break from some sweet goodies. Do you agree? Or not? I was looking for fruits in my fridge and at a corner of my eye, I discovered that I still had another packet of apricots left. What did I do with them? While I rarely cook or bake with apricots, I decided that probably I should give it a rest. And eat my plump juicy apricots as it is... fresh!! Yummm yumm. Before they were devoured, I played with them for a bit. Matching the peachy orange-y yellow with a light pastel mint green. I think it works. Do you?

What a perfect treat to the eyes and mind.. and filled with wholesome nutrients. Till then!!!

P/S: I'm thinking what's my next meal going to be ;P. Stay tune.. okay??



Hey foodies! THANK YOU for leaving me with sweet comments. I hope to inspire you like how you inspire me. Cheers~

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