Monday, August 13, 2012

Blood Orange & Peach Frozen Yogurt Cream

Hello there Monday! Can you believe that last week just flew by? To kick start this week, I thought we start off on a lighter scale with my ultra simple BLOOD ORANGE & PEACHES FROZEN YOGURT CREAM. Then maybe, just maybe ending this week on a heavier note that I think would work perfectly to kick back, rest and relax over the weekend by having an indulgence. Nothing beats home made and to treat yourself to a yummilicious dessert, to sweep those blues away. I have always wondered what is FROYO and then suddenly it hit me; realizing that it actually stands for Frozen Yogurt..LOL. Talk about being oblivious to terms like these. As much I am a huge fan of ice-cream, I found that my love for FROYO is equally the same. The best part? FROYO is so much lighter and you could still indulge without the guilt.

Random shot, that I snapped with my SonyT10 while I was traveling around in China
The weather has been acting up lately. A fraction of a moment, the day would just be nice and cool; then the very next, we were found facing a scorching hot sunny day. All I wanted to do is just lock myself up in the room with the A/C switched on full blast. LOL. Of course, that wouldn't do! Not until recently, I discovered I could buy Blood Oranges or also known as Red Oranges here in our local market. Instantly I grabbed a few, not knowing what to do with them. It would be ashamed to devour them just like that, though they are just so good to be eaten as a fruit on its' own.
Recently over at the blogsphere, there were quite a number of Blood Orange and Peaches recipe popping everywhere. All I recalled while I was a child is that one day when I got my hands on some blood orange, the first thing I would love to make is a dessert. Their beautiful almost ruby red or coral pulp and sweet juice is not only sweet yet refreshing. Another fruit I found complimenting the Blood Orange is the sweet Peach. There's just something about the zesty taste of the blood orange and naturally sweet like honey taste of the peach that I can never resist. Both of the fruits are really versatile to work with too. You can work them in anything. For example, ever thought of Blood Orange curd, butter cream, cheesecake, tart, sorbet, or add it to a cocktail. Then for peaches, they are just so good as Peach Cobblers, but then you can try using them in an upside down cake, a danish tart, galette, or gelato? I think the possibility is endless and don't be afraid to play around in the kitchen. So go have fun! I know there could be some science and rules to cooking or baking, but don't let those stop you. Cause it sure didn't stop me from experimenting.

Blood Orange & Peach Frozen Yogurt Cream
by Chic & Gorgeous Treats

*Makes slightly over 1 pint - approx. 2 cups
*FROYO is slightly tart and tangy. Taste to check if it’s your desired level of sweetness.
* Cook extra sugar syrup if required.
* NO ice-cream maker required, just a tad more tedious with end result still satisfying.
* For those with ice-cream maker, follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Just mix all of the
below together and let your ice-cream maker churn the frozen yogurt.
*Alternatively, pour the mixture into popsicle molds. Makes 6 large or about 8 medium sized.


Frozen Yogurt
270ml (1 cup 1 tablespoon) plain yogurt
½ cup heavy cream

Blood Orange & Peach Syrup
juice of 1 ½ blood orange
2 fresh peaches, sliced
1/2 cup caster sugar
8-10 tablespoons water

1. In a medium deep saucepan,  add sugar then water enough to cover the sugar slightly.
Add sliced peaches and let it boil until the sugar has completely melted, turning into a
syrup. Stir in the blood orange juice.

2. In a blender, puree sliced peaches together with peach and blood orange sugar syrup.
Sift the puree and set aside.

3. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine both plain yogurt, and cream together. Add blood
orange and peach puree to the yogurt and cream. Lightly whisk until it’s well combined.
Pour in an airtight container and freeze for about 4 hours or overnight.

4. Take out, and thaw it slightly. With a paddle attachment attached to your stand mixer,
on low speed, beat the frozen yogurt mixture. I find that this helps to beat off the ice-
particles formed in the froyo. You will notice that the Blood Orange & Peach Frozen
Yogurt Cream doubles up in volume slightly. Pour the mixture back into the airtight
container and freeze for a couple of hours.

5. Repeat the same process at least 3 times, if you desire a smooth frozen yogurt cream.
I have suggested additional notes above, just in case you didn’t notice. Serve with fresh
strawberries, sable cookie, and drizzle honey over for that extra oomph. ENJOY!

Hope you'll enjoy my take on BLOOD ORANGE & PEACH FROZEN YOGURT to cool off!



  1. You call that light? Seriously, Jo I won't stop at one bowl. I'll have three and that ain't light :) Lovely recipe, but I dread having to freeze, blend and freeze and blend some more. I'll just come over to your house :)

    1. LOL.. you are welcome anytime. Be sure to bring me food ;) for an exchange? :P

  2. I, too, think frozen yogurt tastes wonderful and is a bit lighter. A great combination of flavors you paired here. Beautifuls pics!

    1. Thanks Paula.. now I should really start saving up to get an ice-cream maker ;).

  3. Peaches and oranges! Mmm.. what a fabulous combination!! I love that no ice cream maker is required for the recipe!

    1. I think it would be so much better with ice-cream maker ;). Though more work without one, the flavours were really good together. Hope you do try out the combo! Thanks for coming over. xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. LOL.. not sure if it's ideal, but it does taste a lot like lassi. I would say let it melt and drink it up with a straw ;). Kekeke

  5. it looks yummy indeed. And it's frozen uogurt so I could eat as much as I want :D

    1. I feel exactly the same as you ;). Will be coming over to buzz you too!

  6. Replies
    1. It is FS! I think it would be perfect to end a course with one of your flavourful main course. Cheers~

  7. Favorite frozen yoghurt ever :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. That's refreshing! I've been indulging in those red oranges too but as is ... for now, until I have another moment's madness :)
    I believe they're called Cara Cara Oranges. The blood oranges I know are actually bloody-looking .... um, no, not being rude here, but literal. The reds are streaked as tho the orange is bleeding not as even and whole colored as the Cara Caras. So I'm not sure if these could be a different species of Bloods. But I do like the taste tho not as juicy as Blood Oranges.
    Popsicles sound about right in this crazy weather.

    1. You're absolutely right A.Ping! I expected them to be blood red, but they turned out more coral blush. Market labelled them as Red or Blood Orange, so I just grabbed it. LOL. Would love to find those seriously red ones. Cause they will look so beautiful in photos. Weather has been nasty, making my head spin almost on daily basis and giving does not help with my sinus. Sheesh.. have a wonderful week my friend. Hugggsss

  9. Hi,

    I would love you to join My Sweet Party! i host a themed party every month and beginning of next month I feature my top three favourites. Check it out at

    btw, your blog is wonderful and I'm a new happy follower:-)


    1. Hi there! Thanks for coming over and following my treats blot ;). Wow! I wouldn't want to miss out on this virtual food party. Will definitely hop over and check out. Do stay in touch.

      Cheers, Jo

  10. Oh I love this flavor so much!!! Citrus and sweet goes so well. I think I won't be able to stop with one scoop. Good idea to add some fruits... delicious Frozen Yogurt!

  11. Hi Nami! I do agree with you. I do love my sweets slightly tart, although sometimes I do make the sweet ones with sugar level cut down. LOL.. Asians are not crazy over sweet treats. The fresh strawberries and orange cream drizzle or honey really does bring this FROYO to new heights. So happy you stopped by ;)! xoxo, Jo

  12. How did you find blood orange AND peaches?!?! You lucky gal! What a wonderful frozen yogurt! Love the combination of flavors! Beautiful color and pictures as well!

    1. Hi MJSKit! Thanks for coming over, it was from a local market. So happen they had it. But I find more Cara Oranges here now ;). Do stay in touch. Will be heading over to your blog too. Cheers~


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