Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Devil's Food Bourbon Cupcakes + Hazelnut Cream

Maltezers, Pink Sprinkles and luscious Hazelnut Cream is my kind of heaven. Decadent, sinful, slightly girly and not overly macho that could still tempt any grown man to take a bite and your girlfriends going mMMmm! Go on, do take a bite of my DEVIL'S FOOD BOURBON CUPCAKES with HAZELNUT CREAM. Sounded very much like "Yeah! I had you eating out of my hand.. muahahaha". Fret not, these cupcakes are "angels" ahem.. under disguise. Or maybe I had that intention. Whatever the intention maybe, it's pure indulgence. Psssst..Let me let you in a tiny secret. There is "bourbon whiskey" added somewhere. Aren't these the little devil?

Growing up, there is a quaint memory of my mom's Devil's Food Cake frosted with her creamy buttery Classic Chocolate Buttercream. I could still remember the aroma of the freshly baked cake. Although, she used an instant cake mix, then made the Chocolate Buttercream from scratch, the cake tasted so good. In fact it's to die for I should say, till this very day; that has to be the best devil's food cake I ever eaten as a kid. Nothing beats home baked filled with in-depth love. My mom had to shoo me out of the kitchen as I kept licking the chocolate buttercream off the spatula. You can certainly say that there's a fat kid in me.

I had been craving for something sinful and delightful with nothing over the top the past month. Sure last month was filled with my experiments, but when it comes to making treats for myself, I like them simple and sometimes fuss free. Although honest to truth, fuss free-simple isn't necessary always in my book.
Personally as part-time baker to be, I used to think that to impress; I have to bake something special and spectacular. On the contrary. The deeper I dig further into my passion for baking, I find the best cakes are the classic flavours where everyone is familiar, frosted with buttercream and most importantly everything is made with really fresh and good ingredients.
To relive my childhood memories, for this post, I decided to use a packet of Betty Crocker's Devil's Food Cake instant cake mix and added something extra to the batter for the special spin, 2-3 tablespoons of "bourbon whiskey" making this cupcake into more of an adult version. Guilty! as charged. To make up for some shortcut ways, I decided to spend a little more time on making the Hazelnut Swiss Meringue Buttercream or HAZELNUT CREAM, just because I like how fluffy and glossy this buttercream is. If you have not tried making Swiss Meringue Buttercream, you don't know what you are missing out on. It really is fluffy where the texture is almost like a cotton cloud. To make the frosting over the top and extra delish, add heaps of Hazelnut Spread [yuMmmmm]. Don't worry about using a piping bag and tip to frost the cupcakes. I decided to go free form. Rustic and not perfect. Got to love those lines. There is nothing wrong with them as its inviting, and surely reminds me of how an old fashion cupcake looks like. Try not to be too perfect and I know it isn't easy.

Devil’s Food Bourbon Cupcakes with Hazelnut Cream
by Chic & Gorgeous Treats                              

* Yields 1 dozen cupcakes, 2 layers 8-inches or 9-inches round cake
*Makes roughly 3-4 cups frosting.
*Hazelnut Spread can be Nutella or any other brands you prefer.
*Hazelnut cream is good with french macarons, cake-cupcake filling or for sandwiched
*Remaining hazelnut cream can be kept in a freezer up to a month in an airtight container.


Devil’s Food Bourbon Cupcakes
1 box Betty Crocker’s instant cake mix
3 large eggs
1/2 stick unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup warm water
1/2 cup whole milk
2 1/2 tablespoons Bourbon Whiskey
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

Basic Swiss Meringue Buttercream
2 large egg whites
1/2  cup caster sugar
1 1/2  stick unsalted butter, softened
cut into cubes
2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Hazelnut Cream
Basic Swiss Meringue Buttercream
1 1/4 cups Hazelnut spread
4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
1/2  tablespoon golden syrup
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line cupcake pan with cupcake liners. Follow instructions as directed
on the instant cake mix box to mix the batter. Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until a skewer
inserted comes out clean. Transfer cupcakes to wire rack to allow cooling completely.

2. Mix whites and sugar in a mixer bowl set over a pan of simmering water or in a double boiler.
Heat, whisking constantly until sugar dissolves for approx. 2-3 minutes and mixture is warm.
Meanwhile, in a heatproof bowl, melt semi-sweet chocolate and golden syrup for about 25-30
seconds in the microwave. Stir with a spoon to help chocolate melt and add in vanilla extract.
Set aside.

3. Remove from heat. With a whisk attachment attached to stand mixer, whisk on high speed until
stiff peaks form, for about 5 minutes. Add butter, several cubes at a time, whisking after each
addition. Mixture will look watery, and curdled. Do not worry. Continue whisking so the butter and
the meringue until well combined. The buttercream will hold together nicely, smooth, becoming
fluffier and glossy.

4. Add hazelnut spread and melted chocolate then beat for another 2 minutes, scraping down sides
of bowl when needed. If hazelnut cream is too soft, chill in the fridge covered for about 20 minutes.
Beat it slightly with the spatula to a spreading consistency before frosting your cake. Remaining
hazelnut cream can be kept in an airtight container, in a freezer up to a month. To use, thaw at room temperature, then with a paddle attachment beat hazelnut cream until it becomes light and fluffy once more. ENJOY!



  1. Mmmmhh...chocolate cupcakes spiked with booze. I like! Would it work with rum? I don't need convincing with the hazelnut cream, I know it is super delicious. When I am feeling adventurous, I might give this a spin :)

    1. Yup, it sure does work with rum. But then I was thinking of pairing with Hazelnut cream and decided to go with Bourbon whiskey. Not sure why.. LOL.. I would say if you have a cherry/ raspberry flavoured frosting, I bet the RUM will work absolutely perfect!

  2. Sometimes simplicity is the best, huh? These look delicious!

    1. Couldn't agree more. I love simple classic treats.. Well, they are delish, cause my family gobbled them away and then took some back for 2nd helping/ LOL..

  3. What "devilish" dessert are you dreaming up now! I think one of these would have been a perfect way to invoke sweet dreams. Hopefully I can get back in the kitchen this week and dream up something. I'm thinking next year is on the agenda, huh. Have a great week my dear.

    1. I am still thinking but it would be fun if I could hang around much longer. LOL

  4. Hazelnut cream..mmmm...that reminds me of nutella. These cupcakes are fabulous.

  5. Gorgeous Cupcakes! I love the styling and the photos. Well done.

  6. I'm so in love with everything about this. They're beautiful and...hello...devil's food + hazelnut frosting??? OMG!

  7. These look super cute! I like the idea of adding bourbon to the cake batter, I think my other half may even be tempted to eat them.

  8. What stunning little cupcakes my friend, I adore the lovely frosting :)

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Hey Uru! How're you? Must be busy with studies eh? Well I am missing your choco posts.. Can't wait for you to get back in action. Cheers~

  9. Your cupcakes are beautiful! The background made me wish I was a little girl having a cupcake and milk party with my friends :)

    1. Hehehe.. I think I still have that little girl in me. Still trying to evolve; most time my little girl in me takes over =/

  10. Adding whiskey to anything is always a fabulous idea. I love the hazelnut frosting too. :)

  11. I love your twist on cake-box mix. That's super clever Jo and adding booze and hazelnuts to the mix is nothing short of genius. You make the most decadent treats my friend!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

    1. Thanks Devaki and glad you didn't throw tomatoes or rotten eggs at me for using a cake-box mix. LOL.. It's just one of those days..

  12. Hi Jo, I can't believe how I adore your latest cupcake with the hazelnut cream and bourbon?...wow! This truly is a grown-up's cupcake, scrumptious, yummy and totally amazing delicious!
    Thanks for your sweet commenta on my blog...I have so much commenting to catch up with. I remember our fun times in San Francisco, like it was yesterday...sad to say that I can't make it this year, but then again. it's not foodbuzz anymore, and not knowing what to expect this time!
    Bigg Hugggsss!

    1. Big Hugss back to you Elisabeth! Don't worry about Foodbuzz too much. I am not attending this year's festival either. Glad we caught last year's festival though. Well hopefully I will be able to find time to fly over to the other side of the Pacific and spend a longer time next round. Till then!! xoxo

  13. Hello gorgeous!!! This is my kind of cake and it does look sinful..now you are making me to reach for something like that!:)
    Beautiful pics Jo, and great recipe as always...
    Have a beautiful weekend...xoxo

    1. Oh gosh! I guess once a while indulgence is alright ;).. that's what I keep telling myself. At the rate I am going, it seems to be every weekend >.<

  14. Chocolate and hazelnuts will never go out of style, and I hope cakes from a box with booze neither! It´s hard not to make everything from scratch, but sometimes there is just no substitution. Wonderful cupcakes!

    1. That's true. As much I love baking from scratch, there are days I really thank the cake-box mix inventors. Especially when I am having a crave and really need to satisfy it in a jiffy.. LOL

  15. Mmm! Bourbon! Yes please! Now I'm craving cupcakes.

    1. LOL.. I am more eager to check out what will you be baking instead. Don't forget to send some over too ;P. Chat soon! xoxo


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