Monday, April 20, 2015

Order Treats Page is LIVE!

Months went by in a flash and so much has happened. There's so much to tell you and also a number of backlog blog posts to share. However, today I would like to announce some exciting news. After several years of procrastinating, I have decided to take a leap of faith and believe in myself to pursue what I love most doing. Which is to bake and make pretty looking treats and also to be able to share them with you in regards to what I currently offer. Alas the birth of ORDER TREATS page.

Here are some photos of what I have been working on the past weeks, months and there will be more to come. Do follow me on Instagram and Facebook Page on my latest musings and whereabouts.
A lot of you has given me tremendous support and having numerous query on what I offer, has driven me to sit down to think through my menu. Do note that my list will always be growing, where old flavours may be revised over time, and I will also be introducing SEASONAL flavours. Being a self proclaim foodie, there will be experimentation in the kitchen on new flavours. Who knows, you may have the first hand to savour some of my cakes?

So do stop by anytime and show me some cakery love. Every support and order given helps me to achieve my goal one step closer each time to attend new cake decorating classes to enhance or pick up a new skill, and at the end of day, becoming a professional cake decorator to continue to make you beautiful delectable tasty treats.



Hey foodies! THANK YOU for leaving me with sweet comments. I hope to inspire you like how you inspire me. Cheers~

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