Saturday, October 30, 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Melting Jack O'Lantern Oreo Truffle

Happy Halloween

Over here in KL, Malaysia.. the folks here has taken up the whole Halloween festivity pretty seriously. Just like the Social Recreational Club in my office, they would go to great lengths to plan out an activity. It's amazing to see how sporting Malaysians have become. Plus it's really fun seeing all men, women come dressed in their alter ego. I dressed up as a Dark Angel last year with the whole gothic do and to finish it with White Angelic Wings.

Don't worry.. that's not my alter ego as it's a theme that my business unit was going after. The results at the end was that we came up TOP as best dressed team. That was certainly fun. I've always like to be a pixie or fairy or perhaps dress up as Tinkerbell. {i sense eyes frowning =.=''} I think that would be my alter ego. Lol... What's yours?

For this halloween, I've decided to revisit my Oreo Truffle. This is because my brother asked for the Oreo Truffle. Lol.. Since it's going to be round in shape, I've decided to make them into Melting Jack O' Lanterns. {keeping fingers crossed, that I would be able to find an edible pen to draw the faces}

Sadly this time I am under the weather and doubt I would get to pop in my oreo truffle, as I got a wisdom tooth surgery done. Suddenly now out of the blue being attacked with high fever {sigh}. What a party pooper to my weekend. Therefore, I shall do my best to stay awake to provide clear descriptions.

For recipe, click on link below. Instead of using dark chocolate, I found Orange flavoured chocolate in my local bakery. Unfortunately, I don't quite like the texture of the orange flavoured chocolate. Was hoping for a smooth pumpkin, but end up with Melting Jack O' Lantern. Lol.. Have a Happy Halloween!

Note: I reckoned to use candy melt and add colouring or white chocolate and add food colouring for smoother coating {perhaps I should have followed my gut instinct and use my candy melts or white chocolate} Oh well.. we learn from mistakes and baking or making dessert is suppose to be fun. So no worries, if it don't turn out the way you want it to be. So long the taste is GOOD.  




  1. Looks like our Halloween is catching on all over the world. Such a fun, and festive holiday for kids and adults alike. Cute Jack o' Lantern truffles, Jo...tasty too, with the Oreos!
    Happy Halloween!

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  3. Hi Elisabeth! Such a pity the orange choco I got from local bakery didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be. Lol..But then my brother couldn't stop popping them into his mouth. It's addictive. So I ended up with melted looking Jack O' Lantern. Yeah..Halloween is one festive holiday that caught up in KL. Did your family, grand kids have a blast? Chat soon!! Jo

  4. Hi Jo-We all had a blast, and of course my grandkids did too. My daughter does not let me post photos close up of her two children so that really downsized all the great photos. I did post a few up.

    I have an award for you to pick up at my blog. Just copy and paste the award, and pass it on to 15 bloggers of your choice!
    You truly deserve the award. Congratulations!


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