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Tagged Stephanie from Desserts for Breakfast

Remember the game we were playing not so long ago whereby we got to answer 8 questions from the blogger who tagged us and then we got to tag another 8 bloggers and come up with a set of questions? Well, I tried my luck and sent Stephanie from Desserts for Breakfast, a wonderful food blogger and photographer, asking her the 8 questions I came up with. {You folks must be thinking " is this girl out of her mind??} Yup.. they were the same questions I posted to you peeps.

To be honest, I didn't know what I was thinking. I only knew that I adore her recipes and the work that she puts into her blog. My heart was pounding while I was drafting an e-mail to her not knowing if she would reply me a not. To my surprise, I got a reply back from her. {Yippie!!!} Of course, Stephanie graciously decline on tagging 8 bloggers but she didn't mind answering my questions at all via e-mail. {What a relief =.=''}

Well, I apologise as I've not been able to bake or cook much as I've not been well since last week as I developed a terrible cough. {sigh....} But, here I would like to share with you Stephanie's answers to my questions. It's for you foodie bloggers who am sure should you adore Desserts for Breakfast blog like I do.

Once again, I like to give a shout out to Stephanie from Desserts for Breakfast! THANKS for being such a great sport for answering my questions and I truly appreciate your encouragement to me on blogging too.
I certainly hope I would get to meet you one fine day. {huggss}

Here are my questions and Stephanie's answer, and her follow up email to me. It sure made my day.

Hi Joanna!

Thanks so much for your patience. My answers to your eight questions are included below! Let me know when you do your post, and I'll tweet about it!

All the best and Happy baking and blogging!


1) When did you become a foodie blogger/photographer?
I started food-blogging properly in late summer of 2009. I was a budding photographer (or, very interested in photography) for a long time before that, but food photography didn't get serious for me until after I'd started blogging seriously.

2) What's your favorite season (ie; Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring)? (Q3 related to Q2)
Spring and Autumn, because they're the seasons in transition, so you get to have it all. :-)

3) What would be the first dish you would like to cook or bake?
I assume this means when it's spring or autumn? I usually like to make something with whatever is in season and love it when you finally see the first in-season ingredients that you haven't seen in the markets for months! The ingredients that I look forward to the most are probably pomegranates, blood oranges, English peas, and fresh berries.

4) Which celebrity chef/ any of your favorite chef inspires you and why?
I actually don't follow celebrity chefs much, and though I used to watch Food Network a lot back in my undergraduate days, I don't anymore. I have to say, though, that when I want a recipe I know that I can hands down trust, I always turn to David Lebovitz first. His recipes and desserts are wonderfully no-nonsense and delicious. In general, however, I am far more inspired just by the the places I visit, the ingredients I learn about, and the people around me who enjoy and love food passionately.

5) Name 2 foodie bloggers who you would LOVE to meet; being the first is the top of your list.
Perhaps embarrassingly, I don't know the food blog-o-sphere quite as well as I should! I would absolutely love to meet in person all the food blogger friends that I've met online, especially many of those who live abroad that I don't get much of a chance to see at the US-based food blogging conferences, including Meeta of What's for Lunch, Honey? and Hilda of Saffron and Blueberry. And, you know, if David Lebovitz ever needs a food photographer on board to document one of his gelato tours around Italy, he should call me first! :-P

6) Have you compete in any cooking or baking competition? Where or when?
Haha, I did. Once, a couple of years ago for an Italian cooking competition, and I hated it so much that I swore I would never do cooking competitions again. There was something so impersonal about the cooking competition, and it may me realize that the reason I bake and cook is to make other people happy when they eat my food. I don't do it for myself, and competitions are too much about oneself, so I really didn't enjoy it at all.

7) What would be your all time comfort food?
Corn soup, or an over-easy fried egg over steamed rice, the way my grandfather used to make it, drizzled with soy sauce. If we're talking sweets, ice cream, most definitely!

8) Have you tasted the best chocolate dessert that made you feel like screaming "OMG...this is so good.. oohhhhhhhhh.. yummmmMMmm"? Where? Do name the shop too. ;p
Oh, jeez. To tell you the truth, I make far more desserts than I buy at restaurants or shops, so I can't quite remember the last time I had a truly delicious chocolate dessert at a restaurant. (I also tend to remember the bad desserts at restaurants better than I remember the good ones! hehe) I *am* particularly partial to the almond and chocolate croissant at Bouchon Bakery mainly because I can never decide whether I want an almond croissant or a pain au chocolat, so having both in one solves that dilemma for me! Pair that almond and chocolate croissant with a latte bowl of perfect, steaming hot chocolate (ala La Note in Berkeley, CA), and that's my recipe for a perfect chocolate breakfast, er--I mean, dessert. :-)



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  1. Hi Jo- Love your tagging questions, and answers from Stephanie.
    BTW- I have a shout out for your, regarding the Lovely Blog Award you gave back to me. Check it out. Thank you, once again, I'm really honored.


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