Monday, January 31, 2011

Baking Recipe: Cherry Blossom Cake + Prosperity Butter Cookies

Gong Hei Gong Hei everyone! I'm just a few days early, but here's to wishing all of you a prosperous and healthy new year ahead. May all of us have the sweetest moments in life and to continue whipping up delish desserts.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, I was rushing for my cake orders I had. Thank You so much to my customers for supporting me. Infact it was my largest order ever. At first was the Gossip Girls Themed Cuppies, and next was cakes for the upcoming Chinese New Year. Hopefully, I get a couple orders from time to time so that I could experiment. Lol.. {Not sure if that was a good wish that I am wishing for..}

Cherry Blossom Cake

For the cakes, I made a crowd favourite which is the yellow vanilla butter cake adapted from joy of [recipe] and frosted the entire cake with passion fruit buttercream frosting [recipe] {slurps}. Oh! I could still remember how intoxicating it was. The scent of the passion fruits is sweet yet with a hint of sourness.. lovely! I also made my very first batch of gum paste cherry blossoms flowers. To decorate, I piped the vines and GONG XI FA CAI message with passion fruit buttercream.

CNY Goodie Bag

Mandarin Oranges

Cherry Blossoms

What was suppose to resemble the Chinese word "PROSPER"

Apart from the cakes, I also put what I learnt from the past workshop I attended to good use. I made butter cookies which will melt in your mouth and frosted them with lemony royal icing. Lol.. The smell of butter cookies is just delish. Simple yet sophisticated all at once. Yumm yummmm.... To decorate, I tried my hand on piping cherry blossoms, mandarin oranges, and well did my best to write "Prosper" in Chinese. I think I can do better, but this time it'll have to do. Perhaps with more practise eh? Well, I hope I get better at it soonest possible :).

Okay peeps.. looks like I will be away for a couple of days now. However, do continue to stop by and I promise I will do my level best to post about the upcoming feast that I'll be having for the next couple days.

For dessert and cake order inquiries, please write to chicgorgeousdesserts {at} gmail {dot} com



  1. Hi Jo-Happy Chinese New Year! I know you are in for a big celebration, it must be so much fun, with all the amazing foods, and desserts, and you are all set with your gorgeous cake, and the adorable cookies you've made. You must really work hard making all these beautiful and "labor of love" cakes, cookies with all the fancy decorations!
    BTW-I have an award for you to pick up on my blog, from a couple days ago, just check your name on the least. I think you will like this award. Pay it forward to as few, or as many that you prefer to give to.
    Hugs to you my dear friend!...enjoy the celebration!

  2. Hi Elisabeth! Thank you so much for your wishes. Well, it was indeed a huge celebration and today's the 3rd day of CNY, and I hope that I had enough time to snap photos before everyone dug into their food. Lol..

    Will soon try to post up and hopefully share with all of you a glimpse of CNY in my family!

    Awww.. you're so thoughtful. I really LOVE the award you awarded me with and am so glad to be part of the sisterhood blogger community and a sisterhood to you too! Lotsa love and Hugs, Jo.

  3. HI Joanna,

    You have been busy I see!! Wishing you a prosperous and happy Rabbit Year and I'm hoping you will get LOTS of cake orders this year too!

    Pei Li


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