Monday, January 24, 2011

Baking Recipe: The Gossip Girls Themed Cupcakes

Hi all! Seems like I've been away quite awhile from blogging eh? Well, I apologise as I got a couple more orders to rush for the upcoming Chinese New Year which is exactly next Thursday (03/02/2011). I promise you that once I've got all the photos sorted, I will share them with you. However, there won't be much recipes I could provide you this time am afraid, as they are orders which the customers had a preference of the flavor of the cake.

On a high note, I can suggest or recommend the recipes that I've tried which have not fail me to this day ;p.

Recently, another friend of mine (Lynn) who's planning to throw a farewell party for herself has requested/ordered from me to bake some cupcakes for her. To decorate the cuppies this time, I got to play around with a couple of new designs. I went as far as sketching and planning the colour for the theme, although I had a rough guideline that my friend wanted some red, light pink, or white to be incorporated.

Disclaimer: Photo taken from Hollywoodbuzz. Not for promotional purposes.
Speaking of designs, you must be thinking {Oh! What a theme, and what or how should I decorate the cupcakes?} Well, I googled for ideas, and I was quite surprised that there are a lot of "Gossip Girls Themed Cupcakes" around. However, to be honest, I did mine a little different, and just looked in to other bakers' work for inspiration.

My Gossip Girl Themed Cuppies Sketches
The theme was quite a challenge, since I've never watched Gossip Girls before. I believe it's a teenage/adult American TV series which is set on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY. Plus what could one person design for such a theme? It could be bags with all the high end brands like Chanel, LV, etc or shoes like Christian Louboutin. For me, I was sure that I don't want bags or shoes, but I like for it to be chic with geometric shapes perhaps and hopefully in tune with the whole NYC lifestyle. {eyes frowning o_0

There are 4 designs all together. One of which is a Chandelier; at least I like to think so it is. All designs that I had in mind were piped using my limoncello lemon butter cream frosting. Right now, I was not even sure if the designs I came up with are do-able. Frankly, it was a test to push my abilities.

When came to the cuppies flavour, I went with vanilla butter cake, and tinted it red. As for the frosting, I made an adult version with Limoncello Liqueur added to my delish Limoncello Lemon Butter cream Frosting [recipe].

As for the cake recipes, I like to suggest using your trusty vanilla cake, butter cake or even your white cake recipe. I have been a strong believe on trusting your own taste as all of us may like a different recipe. I've tried [joyofbaking] cake recipes and they are dense and moist. Not bad at all.

This time round this year, I hope I get more orders so I get to experiment with other designs hopefully according to a specific theme. However, overall I will still bake and cook not because of the orders I get but because I find it therapeutic and such a great way to relax.

For dessert and cake order inquiries, please write to
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  1. Hi Jo-You are so unique with your cupcakes and mostly the decorations, I wish you all the success in the world! You really have to put yourself out there, because, soon as you start to get very busy, you will get "swamped" hopefully you have a back up plan!

    Seriously, this is what happened to me years ago, when I was even younger than you, with my catering business. As soon as I started to do small dinner parties and by that time I had my business cards printed-"word of mouth" is the best was then, and still is now!
    Beautiful work, as always!

  2. Hi Elisabeth-THANKS so much my friend for your constant support. I guess I may not have many followers, but am glad that you continue to pop by to see what I've been up to. Much appreciated.

    Wow! I can only image what it is like for you to be busy, although tiring but you are doing what you love. If I was there, be sure that you will get my order as I love a very home cook feel meal. Chat soon. Hugs..

  3. As a closet Gossip Girl fan, I reckon you've done an amazing job (these look delectable, not to mention very chic and gorgeous!)

  4. Hi Lucy! Thanks for stopping by. You have an amazing blog yourself too. It's so fun, and filled with recipes. Do stay in touch and hope you stop by more often too. Lol.. Cheers, Jo.


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