Monday, September 19, 2011

Baking Recipe: Savoury Onion Scones & Back from Krabi

Hi peeps! It seems like forever, that I've not blogged on my next post. Well my fault and I'm sorry as I had to clear most of my work before heading off for a short beach vacation with my best buddy. Where did we head to? We went away soaking up the sand, sun and sea. Jealous yet? LOLs.. A much needed short trip, to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not to worry, I did my level best to take as many photos to share them with you. Hopefully I didn't lose you folks over the past weekend.

Now, where were we? My colleague recently kept talking to me about some savoury onion scones she had for breakfast that were ultra delicious. And that made me really want one to myself too. Well, I could have just run out and grab it from a nearby bakery, but I thought how can that be satisfying. [I baked them before going away on vacation..if you're interested to know].

For recipe: Click on image + zoom

Instead, I decided to give it a try to bake my own scones, and not just any ordinary scones.. they were Savoury Onion Scones. You might cringe by just thinking? However, it's not heavily infused with onion taste. Well I think I am suppose to used chives; but I ended up using 1 large white onion, sweating the onions, saute it for a bit and adding some dried mix herbs. It just have the right hint of buttery onion taste and goes perfectly with Boursin, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion Dip, Curry Chicken or even on it's own. Yes folks, there are endless ways to eat this ultra fluffy and light Savoury Onion Scones.

Things to work on? I feel I can further improve on my scones, so do stay tune. Can't wait to share with you my Krabi photos. Stay tune okay? It'll be maybe the next upcoming posts...



  1. YUMMM!!! I'd def have it with cream cheese and perhaps some smoked salmon?

  2. These scones sound amazing! I don't think I've ever had a savory scone actually, but I do enjoy onions and a hot scone with some cream cheese sounds so good for breakfast right about now! Btw, I added you to my blogroll, I hope that's okay!!

  3. Wondeful idea. My family likes savory scones instead of the sweet version. So this will complement my scones recipes for them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jo-So glad you had such a great time on your mini vacation that was much needed to get away on a fun sand and beach holiday:DDD
    Will be e-mailing you as well, later!
    Your scones look so tempting and totally incredible. Love the onions, and especially the shape of it that can pass for biscuits. The egg wash makes it look so pretty! Now, instead of eating it with jam...cream cheese sure makes it tast yummy!
    Hugs to you!

  5. The other cakes and desserts that you posted before there is not even small chance that I could recreated, but I love to look at it as they always look like from front pages of this one is something that I can dare to bake it..Very beautiful presentation, and fantastic recipe!

  6. Nic: OH! yummm.. your combo sounds delightful.

    Stephanie: It was really my first time having savoury scones too. I just had to try it since my colleague rave so much about the onion scones she had. I'm more than happy that you added me to your blogroll. I will need to setup my blogroll once more.. Sorry if it's not showing in my blog yet. Thanks so much!!

    mividaenundulce: Thanks for stopping by! I am working on improving the recipe. Hopefully you enjoy them.

    Elisabeth: Looking forward to your e-mail. Yeah the vacation was great. Got to recharge myself. Am now looking forward to my fall holiday in Nov. See you soon okay? Hugs...

    Sandra: Awww.. you are way too kind to even think that my photos are front page magazine worthy. Hopefully now you get to try some of my recipe. It's always a working progress. Till then..

    xoxo, Jo

  7. Wowowo, the pics are really , really good , the scones just pops out at you , I have to make them , it sounds delish!!

  8. Welcome back! They sound delicious! I love savory baked items and with onions....double delicious! I'm glad you had a good time and we missed you!

  9. Jo I hope you had a great trip and that you’ll share the pictures with us soon! In the meantime these scones have my eyes clued to the laptop. They are GORGIOUS!

  10. yes I am jealous!! great food too :)

  11. Shabs: Thanks! They are much better when served fresh. Enjoy..

    Ann: Glad to be back, although it was a little short. I'm fully recharged now but am down with a cold. Hahaha.. I just couldn't resist the pool and beach. Awww.. thanks dear.. I was worried that I will lose all of you too. Hugs

    Lily: The trips was great and really a much needed break. You always crack me up Lily! I certainly can't wait to share the photos with all of you.

    Kalie: Thanks for buzzing me..Do come back for a visit anytime.

    xoxo, Jo


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