Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food Buzz Top 9: Apple and Blueberry Pie with Vanilla Bean Sauce is #8

What a way to end the month of September for me. This month has been a little slow I admit, as work was really crazy since financial year end is around the corner and I believe most of us are working insanely hours to crunch in the numbers. Lol.. having said that, this is a fantastic way for me to end this month.

Another Top 9; this is what I could only dream of. Apple and Blueberry Pie is Sept 29th, 2011 Top 9 in Foodbuzz [woooHooo]. Having selected amongst all of you great food writers, photographers, cooks or shall I call you Chefs.. makes me feel proud to stand together with or next to you. So much to learn still. ;).

THANKS for buzzing!! Happy cooking and baking everyone.. with lots of food love, buzzes and support from me back to you.



  1. Congrats Jo! Love those cute pies. I'm ready to turn the oven on and start making them finally. Don't work too hard, I know how hard this time of year.

  2. Wow, Jo! You're on the roll now, with Foodbuzz! They sure love you these days with all the Top 9's you've been getting:D
    I'm thrilled to see you up there again...such a yummy and cute little pies, and the photos of it are so ever!

  3. Hi Gina and Elisabeth! TGIF.. no worries, it's just another month or so to work really hard and then I'll be heading down to San Fran to meet you both. Yeayy!! Elisabeth, you are so kind to me always. I hope Foodbuzz continues to love me..but I think I wouldn't be where I am without the foodies support. Hugs, Jo

  4. They were awesome and deserved Top 9! congrats!

  5. These pies look so yummy. Congrats on Top 9! Super Awesome!
    Thanks again for the Versatile Blogger Award. I've just posted about it today, was just too busy.

  6. Congrats ! Love the pies. they look incredible

  7. Ann, Shannon and Linda: Thanks so much.. I really hope I willl get more Top 9s .It's a sense of accomplishment and just for self satisfaction .Hehehe.. Hugs, Jo


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