Friday, December 30, 2011

Baking Recipe: Raspberry Ricotta Tart & THANKS!!!

Raspberry has always been one of my favourite berry. These tiny, tangy ruby gems are a perfect size to pop into the mouth; if you crave for a snack. Plus they somehow make all desserts look so much prettier and appetizing..Don't you think?

Over this Holiday Season, I stocked up on buttery puff pastry and heaps of berries. It's been a while since I worked with puff pastry, and I won't deny further. I love it to bits. The buttery taste and how it's flaky when taking a bite into it makes me wants more every single time. If only I had the skills to make them from scratch I would. Then again, on second thoughts, I shall leave it to the 'pro pastry chef'.
My Raspberry Ricotta Tart is simple to make and fuss free. It's ultra light and fluffy too. If not mistaken, it will only require you to spare 30 minutes of your time.

I have a message to all of you foodie friends [scroll down a little further for recipe]. This year has been an exciting and wonderful year. My best friend highlighted to me that 'I am now living my life', and I couldn't agree more. I had goals set out for my year 2011 to achieve. I realised and feel that I have accomplished quite a lot. Not something that I would take for granted. Travelling down to San Francisco to attend the Foodbuzz Festival on my own[ who would have thought that I would be gutsy?!?], finally meeting Chef Tyler Florence and meeting new foodie friends. It's truly an amazing adventure.

My blog started without a single direction, and slowly evolved along the way. Though I try to post as much recipe I could, I do know that there were times that I just didn't post anything either. Yet, you have all came back and left me with such sweet comments. I cannot THANK YOU enough for all your kind words and support. Hopefully, year 2012 will bring us more exciting stories and journey to fulfill our lives. Do stay tune..There's just one more post of San Francisco that I am eager to share with you. If you did enjoy reading my travel journal, thanks for inviting me to your home and glad that you did.
For recipe: Click on image + zoom
To digress, back to this lovely Raspberry Ricotta Tart. If you are pressed for time, or don't feel like much washing up, and also like to watch your waist.. do try this tart out. If my brother and sister in-law enjoyed it [they can be fussy..]I guess your guests would too.

Plus, I have join the Virtual New Year 2012 blog hop. Make sure to pop over to Lora from Cake Duchess and check it out. I am sure it's going to be a lot of fun, even though we are all from different time zone.



  1. Hi Jo-Your raspberry ricotta tart is so pretty, bright...very summary, knowing that you have just about the same type of weather where you live, as we do here in S. Florida. Nothing unusual to have berries here, as well at this time of the season!

    Yummy, and easy dessert, after a hearty meal...still have room for dessert!
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year, in health, wealth, and much success!
    Big hugggsss,

  2. Forgot to tell you...came by your blog from foodbuzz. Buzzed you!!!

  3. that is one gorgeous tart i probably wouldn't bear to cut into it after it's done ><

  4. Love your tart, very pretty and tasty too! I can't wait to see what you have for us in 2012...
    by the way I am wishing you the best New Year!!!!

  5. This recipe is gorgeous! I love puff pastry and raspberries! Joanna, your post made me grin from ear-to-ear! How lovely that you've come out of your shell and are living your life! I LOVE It! Congratulations for a terrific 2011 and I can't wait to see what's next for you in 2012!

  6. No need to thank me, I have very much enjoyed being your friend and to have the opportunity to learn from your talents and to have had your support this year. I do look forward to seeing more in 2012.
    Raspberry does make for an elegant as well as tasty tart. I have never had one with the cream base being made with ricotta, so it does intrigue. Awesome pictures here. Enjoying ringing in the new year!

  7. I love raspberries too and this tart looks super yummy!!

  8. Way to go girl!! And a happy 2012 to u jojo!

  9. Hi Jo-Looks like you haven't uploaded your comments yet, I know you received some, because I left you a comment before the New Year's.
    Looks like you had quite a Happy New Year, since I haven't seen you posting around the blogs!..he, he!
    Happy, happy New Year, my sweet friend, I am so blessed to have met you in person last year, and are looking forward to stay in close touch with you throughout the new year!

  10. The tart looks wonderful and vibrant and seems totally fuss free. I hope you have a happy 2012.

  11. I adore raspberries, too...your tart is fabulous!

  12. Hello Jo:

    What a wonderful way to be introduced to a new to me blog!

    With ricotta and raspberries. Two of my favourite things.

    I will be surely trying this recipe.

    Have a joyous day.


    I have subscribed to your post.


Hey foodies! THANK YOU for leaving me with sweet comments. I hope to inspire you like how you inspire me. Cheers~

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