Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#Welcome 2012 and Great Times

Year 2011 has been an exciting and fun-filled year. There were ups and downs too throughout that year.Not necessary a bad thing.

In a way, I think it made me wiser, shaped my character and made me a better person. I was fortunate to pack my year 2011 with loads of travels and meeting new friends. During Easter, I flew over to Melbourne, meeting up one of my bestie, then to attend my cousin's Greek wedding. It's exactly like how you watched it on My Big Fat Greek Wedding; a loud and huge family affair. Everybody danced the night away and shouted "Yasu" means Cheers. Boy, that night I could feel my legs yearning for a warm bubble soak and lots of gentle massage.

Then finally, I managed to get another bestie who's in Kuala Lumpur [thank god!!] to go for a beach holiday in Krabi and our  yearly Bangkok affair. Towards the end of the year, I flew myself halfway across the world back in November, 2011 to attend my very first Foodbuzz Festival, meeting Elisabeth, Gina, Nami, Visda, BonnieAngelaEmily.. and oh! the highlight of it all is having to finally have a photo together with Chef Tyler Florence taken outside the Grand Hyatt.

Melbourne, Australia
San Francisco, California
Krabi, Thailand
Looking at the photos above, I definitely will not be complaining about year 2011. Hopefully there will be more exciting GOOD news, stories to create another chapter in life in this year 2012. Somehow time is just flying by so quickly. So I say let's just live life and cherish every single minute of it when you get to spend time with your love ones. Nothing is more important than that.

While I was over at Lora from Cake Duchess, I just couldn't resist in participating the Virtual New Year 2012 party. This party is hosted by Lora and Sanjeeta from LiteBite. Though, I know I am...say approx. 3 days late, based on Asia time zone, and maybe 2.5 days late in US timezone, but it's still the New Year. My internet connection back home was down. Thus, screwing up my plan on posting on the eve of New Years [boo..hoo..]

For now, I would like to take the time to reflect good times in Year 2011; where THANKS to you who buzzed.. some of which made Foodbuzz Top 9 a couple of times. That is ecstatic. My wish and hope is that you will continue to support me in my conquest to do better in food blogging and photography.

*Sweet & some Savoury Treats for the Soul*

Amanda's Pink Rainbow Cake

So do stay tune, as I am planning on some exciting baking projects lined up for this year. Though I do not have a new recipe, fret not as I will definitely be baking a lot more since Chinese New Year is approx. 2-3 weeks away. The memories is dear to my heart, and what a great way to usher in the New Year.

May you all have a year filled with great health, and prosperity!!



  1. Thanks for joining #welcome2012, pleasure to have you with us. What a lovely recap of your food creations from 2011, beautiful clicks.
    Hope to have more of such foodie fun in coming years.

  2. Well, that's certainly a year with nothing to complain about. So glad for you that you enjoyed that. Now I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing more goodies from you. Happy New Year Jo!

  3. It's been an amazing year! You have made some absolutely scrumptious recipes and your photos - while always amazing - have gotten more beautiful every day! Happy New Year, Joanna!

  4. Wow..that six layered cake is to die for..and thanks for joining the fun at #welcome2012!

  5. First things first...buzzed you!
    Such an amazing collage of photos of your 2011 travels, Jo. I noticed a photo of me in it...did not know about that one...LOL. Yes, San Francisco was an amazing trip, I was oh, so happy with meeting you in person, and all the other nice people.
    Your roundup collection of your favorites, are certainly my favorites as well...it's a pity I can only just stare at the gorgeous desserts, and yummy dishes.
    Thank you for the mention about me, as well!
    What a successful year you had...I have no complaints either. Loved every minute of the good times...and certainly did not have bad times. It's what we make of life, and how we attempt to face our negative outlook on things!
    Huggssss, and kisses to you my sweet friend!

  6. My Dear friend, Happy New Year!!!
    Lovely pictures, beautiful posts, amazing recipes...
    Wishing you all the very best, xoxo

  7. Happy, happy New Year, Jo!!! Love all the delicious treats you shared..beautiful, too!

  8. You have had a busy and fun year in 2011! In addition you have still managed to post some amazing creations from your kitchen. I would love to spend a day there watching you create. I look forward to more of your talented posts in 2012. Happy New year, my sweet friend!

  9. What a wonderful 2011 it has been for you!
    Here's wishing you all the best and more wonderful times this 2012! Cheers!

  10. Hi all! You ladies are just so sweet with your comments. It's been a wonderful journey having met all of you virtually and some whom I had the chance to meet in person while in San Francisco. Hopefully it will be another fantastic year of food blogging! Huggggssss...

  11. You DID have a great 2011! Looks like some amazing trips you took, love all the photos... look at you with Tyler Florence :) Also love ALL of your recipes in the round up. Absolutely love that pink cake and all of your layer cakes!!!

  12. Wow...what a wonderful year in food and fun! That Oreo Hazelnut Chocolate Cake is making my mouth water. It is just amazing!
    Glad to have met through the virtual party...wishing you a happy 2012.

  13. Happy 2012 dear Joanna! Hope this year we see each other more often. Those pictures show what a wonderful year it was and definitely one of the best parts was seeing you and other bloggers at the festival. Keep on blogging and share your beautiful pictures and recipes and cooking adventures with us. BIG HUGS.

  14. Happy New Year!!! Oh how exciting, you met Tyler Florence:-) I have to agree your 2011 sounds pretty fantastic! I love everything in your roundup, and look forward to enjoying more of your posts! Hugs, Terra

  15. Joanna, thank you for the mention. I feel very fortunate to meet you past year and hope to meet you again one day (SOON!). Your baking skill is extraordinary. You have a great artistic talent and your finished product is simply amazing. I'm so happy that I got to know you! I look forward to connect with you even more this year!


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