Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cooking Recipe: Momsie Shepard's Pie

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To me, my mom makes the BEST Shepard's pie ever. Why? That's because she cooks without a recipe. I think it runs in the family as I tend to cook without a recipe and trust my own instincts and taste.

Momsie Shepard's pie is what I had growing up. It was always once in a blue moon meal, and depends on what we had in the pantry and fridge. That is why till this day the flavours are locked in my head. I do not tell my mom enough; but I adore my mom's cooking to bits; I idolised her.. and in my eyes she is the celebrity chef. However, these days she has handed over her hat to me in preparing certain type of cuisine. Apparently I'm now the master chef of western cuisine. Talk about pressure. I like to think I'm still growing and there will always be room for improvement.

Okay I will try to break down the recipe as much I could, however the balance of flavours in this one pot meal is crucial in my opinion. The key elements in a Shepard's pie is the gravy cooked together with the meat. The tomato puree must not be overly sour and if there are carrots involved, it should not be over cooked and turns mushy when baked in the oven and if possible no lumps in the mashed potato. Also herbs, really gives you an aromatic tomato puree.

The balance of texture should give you a delicious moist cooked meat [not dry] drenched in the right amount of gravy, some bite and crunch to the carrot and to bind them all together, a rich mashed potato top with some mozzarella baked in the oven till melted and golden brown. Serve warm and enjoy!!


  1. Mom's hearty pie is a slice of comforting sigh... ay?
    Really like the Worcestershire sauce and nutmeg touch. Authentic and crucialness to the end taste I think.

  2. It makes me feel hungry!

  3. Beautiful! I love a good shepards pie.... Buzzed it!

  4. I grew up on this delicious comfort dish, and so did my children. The only thing that's missing is the peas! Otherwise it really is perfect and delicious!
    Great job, Jo:D These are the favorite "staple" meals that are passed down to generation, and generation. No recipe required!!!

  5. Such good comfort food! Love the pictures :)

  6. What a great blog! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'm so glad you did as I get to visit yours. Absolutely stunning photography and your recipes are seriously yummy! Nice to meet you! :o)

  7. Hi Tine! Thanks for visiting.. You have such a lovely blog yourself too. Am going to follow you so I know what you'll be up to too ;) Can't wait to read more and do pop by whenever you like. Cheers, Jo

  8. Ann: Thanks for buzzing!!

    Elisabeth: I'm not a pea person.. LOL.. that's why it was left out. And yes you're right, my mom would have the peas in them. I can have this anytime.. my childhood meal.. yummm


  9. Claire: Thanks.. I think I still like your job better, eating and reviewing!!

    Brenda: I'm so happy you visit me back.. thanks for the words of encouragement! You have an amazing blog yourself too. .Love the recipes. Chat soon..

    Cheers, Jo

  10. hubby would love this! In fact, it is so much cooler this week I could make it. Congrats on your gorgeous Top 9!!!

  11. I am loving your site! I can't wait to make this, it looks so delicious.


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