Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel: Sunset at Aonang Beach, Krabi (Thailand)

Hello month October! I think this is a long over due post which it won't do justice by just sharing with you all the photos in just one post. So I might break it down for you.

I was fortunate recently to be able to step away from the office for a short beach vacation. A much needed vacation that is. All I was dreaming of was the sun, sea, sand and spa. So we headed off to our neighbouring country, Thailand and visited the beautiful untouched Krabi. I have to say most of Thailand is heavily commercialised, and sometimes that causes a reverse effect on nature. When I was 15 years old, stop [counting my age :P].. and now yonks ago, I visited Krabi together with my family during my dad's company trip. Then Krabi was still quite isolated, however it did have all the fabulous resorts.

Now all grown up, returning to Krabi had left a complete different feeling in me once more. It's still beautiful, full of lush green forests, crystal clear blue sea and perfect soft white sand. Just the way I remember it. Can you imagine yourself sinking your toes into the white soft sand right now?

A sneak peak of Sheraton Krabi, where we stayed during our 4 days 3 nights holiday. This hotel is so beautiful. The moment you arrive, you are greeted by the spacious lobby. Immediately you know you're in vacation land. It has the most beautiful view over looking lush green gardens, then the beach and ocean. Lots of structured pillars, and wood structure. Interior ambient is influenced by a little Balinese decor but still Thai in every way. During check in, you will be greeted with complimentary cold drink and a cold towel sprayed with refreshing lemon grass scent. This immediately awakes your senses and you will be fresh all over.

For dinner, we head over to Aonang Beach, where it is at a different area and to enjoy the sunset. The hotel provides shuttle for about THB 200, return for approximately MYR 20.00. To us it's convenient plus drop off and pick up schedule is punctual. The drive to Aonang from Sheraton Hotel is about 20-30 minutes.

Didn't manage to take the others, as we were too busy enjoying our meal ;).

Of course, I will not leave you without any photos of food. Hey, I'm a foodie myself.. hehehe.. We had Thai Chinese seafood for our dinner at Wangsai Seafood Restaurant. My honest opinion, the food is not too bad. Not great [no haters here, a matter of personal preference or taste] but with the breath taking view and spectacular sunset, this makes my dinner to my first day in Krabi complete. Also don't forget to try out the street food while you're at Aonang. Have a tangerine shake (basically just fresh tangerine juice blended with ice, hint of salt to balance the sourness and sweetness), a MUST cold drink to have, to cool off and have some banana nutella or honey & lemon pancake. It's not your regular pancake. So do give it a go, and I am sure you'll be asking for more.



  1. Enjoyed your idyllic photos - looked a wonderful break. Was in Thailand on hols this year, in Koh Samui. Also touristy but we found some hidden spots with wonderful views. You've inspired me to go back and try out Krabi, too. Even if it's just for the seafood and street food! Lovely post.

  2. This place looks really nice. Enjoyed reading your blog! Will keep coming back:) following you now.


  3. Hi Jo-so nice of you to share your beautiful vacation photos! Love the gorgeous beach sunset, and the restaurant review of the delicious dishes foods you ate!
    Thanks for sharing:DDD

  4. Oooooh Stud and I are honeymooning in Thailand in Jan. You have made me SO excited :) Cant wait!! It looks so beautiful

  5. Thank you nice article. Krabi is just a few hours' drive from Phuket.
    I am someone who really love white beaches and crystal clear waters on the beach of Krabi and phuket.


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