Friday, October 7, 2011

Baking Recipe: Strawberry Chocolate Cake-lettes & A Tribute

As you all know this month is the Think Pink month. Yup, it's Breast Cancer Awareness month. Same time round last year, I made my very first Pink Velvet Cupcakes; better known as my own Cupid Cupcakes.

Disclaimer: I do not own this image and is from It's not meant for promotional purpose. A heartfelt condolence to APPLE's VISIONARY.

Also it's no longer a shocking news I believe. On Wednesday, the computing world has lost a great inventor and entrepreneur. Someone who really thinks outside the box and gave us lots of vision through his inventions and visions. The person I'm referring to is Apple's Co-Founder, Steve Jobs who has lost his battle to pancreatic cancer. Being in the computing industry and  though I do not work for Apple; we do feel a sense of loss. Lets just say being an IT student, we have looked up to people like them as inspiration and perhaps hope to be a little like them one day. I do not have the perfect words other than a heart felt condolence to his family.

Though this month is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness month, to me the big "C" is still the same, irregardless which type it is. So please take the time, to care yourself and always show heaps of gratitude to your love ones and to those who have family or friends who are battling their big "C" battle right now, give them unconditional support as every little bit helps.

For recipe: Click on image + zoom

In tune with the theme, obviously it just have to be pink ;). I know this cake-lette looks super simple, and that's because it is. The next posts coming or so will be all on chocolate cakes. This time round, I thought I try out Donna Hay's Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe. Now her cake recipe makes 8-inches, 8 layers round cake. However, I've decided to switch it up a bit. That's because I think my family will not be overly crazy over an 8-layered cake, though I've always wanted to bake one. Perhaps next time?

Donna Hay's chocolate cake is slightly different compared to Martha's recipe. From taste to texture. Martha's cake is slightly more dense, where else Donna's chocolate cake has a more springy texture. Both recipes in my opinion are delish, depending which you prefer. Donna's has a little more work too, where else Martha's doesn't require you to cream the butter and sugar. So give it a go, or feel free to stick to your trusted chocolate cake recipe. Have a good weekend!!



  1. What a great idea, I want to make something for my best friend who is having her surgery on Tues. I bet these would brighten her spirits. Steve will be missed. Hoping you have a great weekend.

  2. Tasty creation for a worthy cause-I would even buy a few to eat if they were in a bakery. Nothing beats strawberry and chocolate, yum! Great pictures here.
    I have never tried any of Donna Hays recipes, but I have saved some of them. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Donna Hay does make some awesome cakes. Love that you have made these pink. October is such a great awareness month for Breast Cancer and its great to see people get so involved. Such an awful disease and hopefully soon we will find a ure for the big "C"

  4. Hi Jo-I remember last year when I posted my marshmallow frosting post, and linked it to your gorgeous pink cupcakes, and you also linked back to my frosting!
    Such a beautiful pink frosted cupcakes, and a touching tribute to the genius Steve Jobs!
    So nice of you to honor him, and bring attention to the breast awareness month:DDD

  5. I am not in the computing industry but I feel the loss of this great man. He changed all of our lives and was someone to look up to regardless if you are in the computing industry or not. Your tribute is lovely. As are your Cake-lettes. Just a great post all around:)

  6. Just had to tell you I love the photos for this post! (and I've really got to stop visiting here, because now I'm craving strawberry chocolate cupcakes)!!!

  7. Hi Gina! Oh gosh..My prayers goes out to your friend. All the best to her and I'm so happy to hear that you will be baking something for her. Food sure can brighten up somebody's mood of the day. You take care too.. xoxo

  8. Hi Tina! Oh wow.. I will be more than happy to have a supporter to buy my cakes or my sweet treats. That would mean the world. Then again, I will hand them to you no matter what..Donna Hay is one of my idol. Apart from other OZ chefs. But then I have too many chefs I idolise and there's this amazing dessert chef; Adriano Zumbo, he makes really superb desserts. Let's just say it's a work of art. Give Donna's recipe a go. It will be slightly different. I find her recipes have the OZ elements, which I like too. xoxo..

  9. Great post!! I have two friends struggling with the Big C as I type... very scary.
    As for the cake-lettes, I love that name!! The frosting looks delicious (I'm a frosting girl!)

  10. Marjorie: Thanks for stopping by, will be coming over to you shortly too..

    Nic: Yeah it is. It's scary too, that nowadays people are attacked either with a form of cancer the other killer, suffer from cardiac arrest. Well, I hope people continue to stay strong and continue to drive the cause. Enjoy the rest of you weekend.


  11. Hi Elisabeh! Though I quietly don't show it, I've idolised Steve Jobs, apart from BIll Gates for a long time. I'm amazed with the team they have and how their visions come to life. It's really a great loss but I know his inventions will be remembered throughout years to come. I still remember your lovely 7 minute frosting, and I still think it deserves to be re-featured. I might think of something new ;P. Till then, am counting down the days now to meet you in San Francisco. Woo hooo.. Hugssss..

  12. Hi Spicie Foodie and Patty H: Thanks so much for your sweet comments. Seems like month September and October will be rather slow for me, due to work load. I will try to keep up and continue to do my best. Hugs, Jo

  13. Joanna, these cakes are so pretty!! What a great tribute! I want to reach through the screen and eat one of these right now!

  14. I love the colors on your blog! This recipe is awesome - it's so great to make a Breast Cancer Awareness Month cupcake. I'm baking cupcakes right now too and I might make them with pink frosting after reading your post!

  15. I am no apple groupie so I can only comment on the cupcakes. It's always tragic when someone dies, but I cannot say I'm particularly sad.

    The cupcakes look super cute and yes, strawberry and chocolate: always a winner. I did not even know (yet) that it's breast cancer awareness month. I think I might bake something pink, too. :)


  16. Beautiful cakelettes! Yummy, too. I think my family would beg me to make an 8 layer chocolate cake if I mentioned it :)

  17. Stephanie: Thanks so much. It would be nice if I could give you some ;).

    Emily: Thanks for buzzing me over here. Will pop by over your blog shortly. Can't wait to check out your cippies.

    Tobias: No worries, I still yearn to own an iPhone. Not very particular into gadgets as I usually have 1 or 2 which are good enough to last me a lifetime? I do have my iPod which stores thousands and thousands of songs. So that's a real life saver. Lets all support wearing pink or bake something pink this month.

    Lola: Thanks for buzzing me.. ;) Always happy to hear from you when ever you pop by.

    Lizzy: Me too.. I'm eager to bake myself an 8 layer cake. Should be a show stopper you reckon? Take care.


  18. This recipe sounds fantastic. I love the combo of flavors and the pink is so cute!

  19. Strawberry and Chocolate are a winning combination.


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