Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Food Buzz Top 9: Oreo Hazelnut Butter Cream Chocolate Cake is #2

This is amazing.. one of my very favourite pairing of Oreo and Hazelnut Cream has made it to Foodbuzz's Top 9, Oct 11, 2011. Thanks so much everyone who buzzed my posts and making them possible. Also, to my new followers, YOU ROCK.. my aim is to reach 100 followers by end of year 2011; you have made it possible and so much earlier. Right now, I am aiming higher, so stay tune as I have something planned up my sleeves.

Currently, I know I baked a lot of desserts and not so much of cooking recipes for now. However, whenever possible I will definitely squeeze in some of my favourite meals. Trust me, I don't eat like this every single day. Hahaha.. that just wouldn't do. Maybe once a week treat?

Till then..enjoy the rest of your week.



  1. Your talents do not go unnoticed, girl! Glad you made it to top 9 and I am sure there is more to come. Have a great day X0XO!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a cake it is gorgeous and divine.

  3. Jo-I just can't get over how you can manage to put together 6 decadent gorgeous layers of cake!
    One slice could satisfy 3 people at least...I would not be selfish to eat a huge slice like that
    (although I could)
    Congratulations on the Top 9...well deserved:DDD
    Also,'ve made it to the first 100 followers, which proves how much people appreciate your blog, as much as I always have, since day #1!
    BTW-I did a shoutout to you on my blog...I think you missed it!
    Big Hugs.

  4. Tina & Lola: Thanks so much.. I am thrilled to kno that you think I have got some talent in this area. I will continue to experiment. I've always wanted to make even prettier cakes, but do not have the tools or skill yet. I will keep reading up and perhaps join some classes. ;)

    Elisabeth: Hahahah.. I made the cake in 6-inches, 6 layered cake. I sure fill up my family a lot. I think they are now spoilt with my goodies. Thanks for the shout out, I didn't miss it. I was really focused on your brownies. They were so scrump-deliumptious. Yummmm yummmm... Hugsss...


  5. Oh I saw it in their daily email and totally thought of you :) thats so awesome!


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