Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Food Buzz Top 9: Sneaky Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake is #1

THANKS to Visda for breaking the good news to me. Visda, whom I met at the Foodbuzz Festival, Day 1 on 4th Nov, 2011 over the cocktail session, is such a nice lady and it sure feels good to be recognised by someone. What a double joy I tell you.

First, I have arrived San Francisco safely on 4th Nov, 2011, meeting Elisabeth from Food and Thrift Finds at the airport, then heading to the Grand Hyatt to register. What a day.. I will not forget this event. That's for sure.

Also, THANKS to all of you who constantly buzz my goodies and it's been really great that I could still make it to Top 9 in Foodbuzz. Lets keep them coming.. LOL.. I'm greedy..[kidding ;p]

Okay now, I shall leave you and got to head to bed and wake up to another day in San Francisco. See you soon!!



  1. glad you enjoyed the festival-looking forward to your return!

  2. I've heard so much about this festival from other bloggers who went there, so much fun!
    You must have had great fun there ;)

  3. I totally forgot to congratulate you for the Top 9 on these adorable cupcakes. What a surprise to get, just when you arrive in SF!
    Also...getting 99 buzz is not often...usually the highest is 98!


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