Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travel: A Beautiful Day in San Francisco (7th November, 2011), Part 1

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions about San Francisco? Will it be The Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, China Town or it's a foodies nation?

Being able to travel to San Francisco was another dream came true and was certainly memorable. I LOVE to travel and this is one dream that I wish I don't have to wake up from sometimes. I have met so many wonderful ladies and new friends that made my trip colourful. There was a lot of humour, laughter, witty remarks and we sure talk one same language which is FOOD.

Right now, I would like to share with you my experience and I hope you find joy in reading through or browse through my photos.
On this very day, Elisabeth and I had to check-out of the Grand Hyatt. So I suggested that we check-out early and head towards our Concierge to get more information on the San Francisco City Tour Hop-On and Hop-Off buses where we kept seeing for the past three days while we were staying in the city.

This is one that I would strongly recommend to put under your To-Do List. Not only you get to see as many places that you probably wouldn't go there alone, and you also get to Hop-Off, walk around and wait for the next tour bus to come along and get right on to your next pit-stop.

First off, we went along with the Tour Bus company that has the Big American Flag banner on the double-decker bus. You get two options to choose from. A 24-hours tour or 48-hours tour. What it means is that you get to use this tour for a whole day or in 2 days. For example, if you chose the 24-hours tour, and purchase your ticket at 10:00am, your ticket will be valid to the next day 10:00am.

The tickets cost about USD $31.00 if booked directly via hotel concierge or USD $35.00 if purchase directly from the Tour Bus. Also if recalled correctly, 48-hours tour costs around USD $38.00 when booked via hotel.

This is a good deal, as it covers a lot of grounds and places to see within the San Francisco city and around the Bay Area. Don't worry about not getting a pick-up from the next tour bus, as there will be one on it's way every 15-minutes. Pick up a headset from the tour guide and just make sure to return it back to them, as each place is narrated by the tour guide. Most importantly, make sure to pack a jacket, cap or a scarf to tie round your neck to keep yourself warm, as the weather can be slightly unpredictable in San Francisco. Dress comfortably and wear comfortable walking shoes if you choose to walk a lot. This way you will be all set and have fun snapping. Trust me you wouldn't want to miss a single shot.
Our pick-up point was at Union Square, just right across from Macy's and is only 2 blocks walk down from the Grand Hyatt towards Geary Street. This is where the site-seeing begins. You will notice that San Francisco has lot to offer. From both new and old. It has huge diversity of culture.

Like myself, I will walk as much possible whenever I travel, so that I get to remember every little nity detail I see along the way. It's also a perfect way to experience where the locals go to.

The double-decker bus ride was an adventure. In fact I highly recommend to finish the entire tour. If you're into building architecture or graffiti, do keep a look out. My mind and eyes tend to attract towards colours, and love to snap on anything that I find interesting. Having travelled to many places, and as I grew older, I appreciate anything from old and new. I feel that there is a story behind every photo.
Asian Art Museum
City Hall
Here is what I notice. A lot of the buildings facade is from the Victorian period. So are the Victorian homes where they are maintained really well and every one seem to have them painted in really interesting colours. A sense of history, classic architecture with new coat of paint of vibrant colours stands out when the sun light shines against the building.
Another thing that goes through my mind constantly is "how do they park their car?" I wonder if any cars roll backwards before? Yes, I know there are hand breaks in our car, but still, how does that car stay stationary on a steep hill? That is just something I think a lot while I was there..LOL. Some roads or should I say hills are so steep that you couldn't even see the other end of the connecting road. It's really like a roller coaster ride.
Alamo Square with SF city view at the back
This is part of the beauty of San Francisco. You will definitely recognise the photo above. I remember how it was when I was younger while I watched the comedy series "Full House". It looked exactly the same. What I particularly like about the photo above is the San Francisco city view at the back drop.

Here are more photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. I just couldn't stop snapping. When the bus drove us acrossed The Golden Gate Bridge, I experienced a San Francisco Rush. My heart was beating with joy, and when the sun and cool breeze touches your skin, the feeling is unexplainable. It is like another sense of accomplishment, a reward to myself for my effort and time put into my hours of work.
Driving towards The Golden Gate Bridge
Alcatraz aka The Rock
A spectacular view of The Golden Gate Bridge
The last photo above, is where I bid Farewell to The Golden Gate Bridge. Perhaps for those who constantly drive pass this bridge every single day, might feel like this is another bridge. But at the end of the day, we all know that this is one of the iconic mega structure.

During the ride acrossed the bridge, I managed to squeeze in a lot of soul thinking and I know that as long I stay true to myself, and persevere in life, eventually it will bear fruits. Typing this post for you, has brought me back to that very moment on the bus. I could still remember every single minute of it. Bright sunny day, gentle cool breeze running through my hair, and light tingling warmth sensation from the sun light.

I am going to leave you now to have a quiet moment to think, and stay tune as more of San Francisco to come. Have a good week ahead everyone!!



  1. Your pictures are simply stunning! My husband and I have done similar tours in different cities - and I agree - they are so convenient and you get to see everything! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you have a good time!

  2. Beautiful pictures Joanna! Sorry I've been slow with my response to your email, but I'll write you soon!

  3. Your photographs brought back good memories of my day in SanFran with a good friend. I was a bit culture shocoked at the time, so now wish I could go back again. Your right the Golden Bridge is an iconic mega structure!

  4. San Fran was always on Stud's to do list so when we head over to the US we'll def visit. It looks so pretty :) fab photos!!

  5. I love San Francisco. looks you are having fun, great pictures want me go back again soon . Best regards.

  6. Love all the photos you posted, Jo...especially the Alamo section! Very famous, and the little magnet souveniers that I brought back for my granddaughter have the same exact replica of those buildings. Certainly enjoyed some fun times with you in SF!

  7. I really enjoy all your pictures Jo. Am bookmarking your blog for future reading. :)


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