Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Travel: Colours of San Francisco (7th November, 2011), Part 2

The building above is another iconic San Francisco Building. In fact it is one of their tallest sky scraper. That's the TransAmerica building. If you watched a lot of Hollywood movies, you definitely have seen this building before. On my flight back to Malaysia, I watched a movie titled "Going the Distance" acted by Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. What a coincidence I tell you. It's about juggling long distance relationship where the guy is based in New York City and the lady, has to return to San Francisco, and she's a student with Stanford University. That made me giggle like a mad person in the plane, as I was still suffering from the San Francisco Rush.. LOL.. In my mind I was just thinking, how coincidental is that? Naturally a lot of movies are acted in the streets of San Francisco. I'm unable to name a couple right now. When the time comes, I might be able to add on.
Anyways along the way, I snapped a lot more photos. I did hesitate as I wasn't sure if I should upload them here for you because my posts journals has been really long lately [do forgive me.. just so much to share]. After much thought, I decided that you should really see San Francisco through my eyes. You might notice that I am attracted to interesting art works, old school automobile or anything that is colourful.
Hello! Yup.. we are listening.. psst.. what did you say??
Another view of the Bay Bridge.. notice how the current is so calm.

Me, trying to squeeze with Mr See, Hear and Speak No Evil. I shall be Grin No Evil. Photo courtesy from Angela @ Fab Find Foodie 
Wished I had a Tele-Zoom lens.. the best shot I got of Coit Tower
After all these photo taking, I sure have built up quite an appetite. We didn't walk very far to look for food, and since it was chilly, a cup of hot soup sounds absolutely delicious. Elisabeth and I selected "The Original Soup Man" to rest and replenished our energy. And so happen the soup of the day was Clam Chowder. Yummmm.. Before deciding, you do have the option to have some taste test. So don't be shy to ask if you could try their soup. I tried their Lobster Bisque, and it was rich and flavourful.
Since the soup of the day came with melted grilled cheese sandwich, obviously that would be the best option. Not only you get soup, you have a nice warm toasted grilled cheese sandwich to soak up all the goodness. Plus you get to choose your desired cheese. I went with Swiss Cheese this time. Yummmm..We selected the cup size, and please don't be fooled by the portion. Clam Chowder is rich, creamy and is packed with loads of fresh ingredients like carrots, potatoes, and clams of course and served with 2 packets of crackers. What a hearty comforting brunch.
Fisherman's Wharf
I really like how the Old Trams looked. Probably this is what you see in the 50-60s?

I was told by a lot of locals that Fisherman's Wharf  is over hyped and is just a tourist filled area. Since I'm a tourist, I have no comments over their remarks. Okay peeps! That pretty much ends this day and our tour of San Francisco city. You're not going to believe whom I had the chance to meet up with. I believe you adore this blogger as much I do. That all will be in the next post.



  1. Lots of great shots Joanna! As long as I remember, the trams came from all over the world. I saw one from Japan and Italy before. It's really cool since individual tram looks different. Looking forward to your next post. ;-)

  2. Hi Jo-such an amazing and fascinating photo you took of the TransAmerica Building! Prettier than a picture post card! All your other photos, I remember you snapped while we were riding on the bus. So cool!
    I still have the last day of the photos to post, from the famous French bakery where we went wit Nami! I miss you, and the friends we connected with.
    Will respond back to your e-mail asap...just have been catching up with work, family, and life in general.
    I will plan to take photo of the beautiful batik cloth you gave me, next time. Thanks again!
    Big hugs to you and will stay in touch:DDD

  3. I can't believe how much you fit in while you where there, I think you saw all the landmarks. I hoped you saved some things to see for when you are here next time. Hope you are fully rested up and having a great week. Miss seeing you.


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