Friday, August 13, 2010

Part 2 : The Land With Modern "Junk"

Yipppiiiieeeeee!!! It's Friday again. Gosh.. time is really flying. Oh well.. as long we still feel young at heart and THAT'S WHAT COUNTS ;p.

Okay back to HK.. ACTION!! Lol..

We rarely have supper back in KL. Since we were hungry, we venture out to nearby shops around our hotel. The super I had on my first night in Hong Kong was 'wanton mee'. For the four of us in my family, the bill came close to HKD 100.00. Yikess.. =.=''

Well a reminder to tourists, transportation, food and hotels are on a little pricey side in Hong Kong. But, you need not worry as their MRT is super fast, efficient and the lines are colour coded, Taxi Drivers DO NOT haggle for prices at any time of the day and the rate charged begins as HKD 15.00 and the Mini Bus is pretty affordable. They have the Red and Green ones which take you to different streets. So make sure to know the place you like to go and hop onto the correct mini bus.

Anyway, below is my "pretty" costly supper. ;P

YingYong Milk Tea & Ice Lemon Tea

Wanton Mee and Prawn/Pork Wanton

Here are some of the shots that caught my attention throughout my trip ^.^.

Shark Fin o_0

Dried seafood

Cured-Dried Chinese Pork Sausages

Hong Kong @ Night


Lunch @ Yung Kee Restaurant

Located at Wellington Street, in Hong Kong island itself; the restaurant is famous for ordering 9 course meal sets or any authentic Chinese fine food. However, they are also very famous for their 'yum cha' sessions like what we Chinese would call it. What is 'yum cha'? It's basically a meal whereby families, old folks or friends gather, seat down to enjoy the meal slowly, sip warm Chinese tea and catch up.

Now Yung Kee is famous for their dim sum, thus the 'yum cha' session is a must. That's right folks this is the real Hong Kong dim sum. Perhaps Hongkis' may feel otherwise.. that I wouldn't know. To me, this is a delicious dim sum place unlike the ones back home here in KL. KL dim sum places are now generally picking up too, not that I've anything against them.

Back to the food gastronomy I had in Yung Kee.. We ordered their famous Roasted Goose and Century Egg alongside with other dim sum dishes. Writing this now makes my mouth water. ;p

The Roasted Goose has crispy skin with soft meaty flesh, and the taste is superb. Dip the Roasted Goose in sour plum sauce and you'll have a blend of sweet, sour and hint of saltiness all at once in your palate.

Then the Century Egg is soft like jelly and melts in the mouth..goes really well with the ginger soaked in white vinegar. You have to try both these dishes to decide for yourself.

Words just couldn't describe as well compared to the photo. Here you go..

Century Egg with Ginger

Roasted Goose

I can't recall the name of the other dim sum dishes and since I'm a big fan of egg-tart, I certainly had it and I must say, they are all really good. For egg-tart, I usually don't eat the crust since it's either a little hard or dry. But their egg-tart shell was light and flakey, and the egg custard was SMoOooth. Yummmy!!
Fried Yam Puff  'Woo Kok'
Fried SpringRolls

Delicious Egg-Tart
Steam Roll Bun with Pork Sausage

Address: 32/40 Wellington Street, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.

Lan Kwai Fong (Pub/Bar area)

Since it's Friday, I'll leave you to your Happy Hour moments. Cheers!!
Nothing much to describe about this place, other than you'll have seen it a lot of times shown in HK TVB drama series or movies. For Ben and Jerry's ice-cream lovers, there's a B&J nearby. Lol.. Wish I had extra space in my tummy that time.. Sigh.....

Next stop, the land of fantasy, where all princesses gets their prince charming and dreams come true..


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