Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happpppyyyy Buuuuurrrrrrffffddddaaayyyy Ms Fifi @ Mrs Lai

I called Ms Fifi today not knowing that it's 18 August 2010. Hmm.. no wonder I felt something a miss like I have left out something. Well, my dear buddy Fifi has moved to Melbourne for good.

So yes it's her BIRTHDAY today and it slipped off my mind when I called her.  Guilty as charged.. but  I think I need to take in more ginko.

Well, I've wished her obviously.. but here's a token to our friendship. It's so weird, as we would always celebrate one another Birthday every year over a good meal...Hopefully, we could meet up soon eh Fi, and have a delicious meal together..

Okay..this is for you as promised over the phone. Lol... ;P

Many Happy Returns & Happy Birthday!!

Special Message to Ms Fi: Stay gorgeous as always. ;) *huggggiiieesss*
Wah.. now the whole world know if I've got readers. Lol...


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