Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Year, New Me

"New Year, New Me" is something that I have been living on this year 2010 after having gone through some changing moments like career, love-life, family, friends etc..

My resolution for this year was “Living Life to the Fullest”; making every minute spent with family and friends count, “Looking for old/long lost friends”; making an effort to keep in touch with them” and “Trying something new in life”, hence the blogging and other activities.

I know that having a resolution is probably over-rated and perhaps a cliché to most people. So far so good for me. With Facebook anything is possible. Although I must say it’s a wonderful tool yet dangerous if misused. =.=”

Nevertheless, I’ve managed to locate back my primary school mates. Yeay!!
I was so thrilled to have found back some of them that we arranged a meet up to catch up on yester years. As you might already guess, we did it over dinner at Meat Works, Solaris, Mont Kiara. Good food, but so-so dessert. On the bright side, it was awesome as the whole night long was just us ladies yakking the night away.

"A toast to old friendship"
It’s amazing how time is just flying by and it’s almost 2 decades that we’ve known one another. Hmm..perhaps I better not reveal the age till I get approvals from the ladies. Lol.. Currently missing a few ladies, will drag them into the group. ^.^

Here's a thought. "For those who have found love, CONGRATS and may you grow old together and those who have lost love, don't despair and keep having faith!" It sure took me a while to forget, let go and move on. Not easy, but once we are able to let go, it's sure life liberating to feel FREE as a bird, and as light as a feather again. Btw, that’s the ‘New Me’ now. ;)

THANKS to supportive best friends closest to my heart and family as they were the core of my mind during the hard times..

Gosh.. Never knew digging through my brain is sure tough, but do pop by as I’ll be going on my memory train soon. Choo! Choo!


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