Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baking Recipe: Creamy Peanut Butter Pie (Non-Baked) & A Tribute

As a lot of you fellow bloggers know, there has been a lot of tribute to Jennie from In Jennie's Kitchen and her family. After having re-directed from Ann at Cooking Healthy For Me to Jennie's blog, that's where I discovered something sad had happened and her story brought me to tears and a sudden ache in my heart left me questioning myself. Do we live our life from day to day or do we always complain that it's never good enough? Right now, I know I am learning and trying hard to make the most of everything every single day.

Being brought up in an Asian community, we are not used to show our love towards our love ones openly, as where we rarely utter the words "Mom, Dad.. we love you and thank you for everything". These words are not said out loud; guilty I know..however, we do show them in other ways.

For recipe: Click on image + zoom

Jennie's story is so deep that I feel it's also a lesson to all of us, to always learn to cherish what is in front of you, stop finding fault in one another, learn to grow as better individuals and most importantly, keep showing LOVE to our love ones like there is no tomorrow. Jennie's message to everyone was to help her and her family heal is to make Creamy Peanut Butter Pie. For the Creamy Peanut Butter Pie, this will be my own recipe, as I tend to work with what I have in my pantry.

This post is a tribute to everybody who matters most in my heart, who have helped me along the way to become a better daughter, god daughter, friend, aunt and a lady foodie blogger in a making. I feel no words could ever describe my gratitude and my countless of profound love and care towards you. To all of you out there, whether you loss a love one or closest buddy a not, let it not be too late as I always live on this motto "better late than never". So, it is never too late to start today!



  1. Totally can relate the not showing love to our love ones openly being Asian. I also read the Jennie's story, and it is such a heartbreaking tragedy, it is painful even thinking about losing a love one let alone actually losing one for real. Your creamy peanut butter pie looks gorgeous :) Keep up the great food blog!

  2. I agree. It seems like so many of us (myself included) forget that our lives could be over in a flash, and that we need to live each day to it's fullest, spreading love to everyone. This is a beautiful post with a great tribute to Jennie and her family. And a fabulous cake too!

  3. Beautiful post, and a gorgeous pie.

  4. This is just brilliant.. Will definitely try it someday. :)

  5. Great tribute. Very heartfelt. I grew up in a family that was not huggy/kissy so it's still hard for me to show emotion openly. I have gotten better over the last 4 or 5 years. I took care of my Dad through terminal cancer and it opened my eyes to a different way of life. Life is short, you have to embrace each day.

  6. Joanna - this is a lovely tribute and your pie and photos are incredible (as always). How lovely of you to make this pie. A beautiful gesture! I am just crazy about the way you do your printable recipes!

  7. Marda: Thanks :). I got to start thinking on how else to plate and take photos. LOL..

    ThePastryDream: Yeah..I think it will slowly change am sure. As long in our hearts we know we love and care for our love ones. Just the thought of losing a love one makes me feel sick. So that's why it's important we really make the most out of everything, everyday. Have a great weekend.

    Ama: Yup, I agree with you too. That's why I have to constantly remind myself.. thanks for stopping by too.

    Katie@Diethood: Thanks.. I thought of stepping away from cake for a while. Like a breath of fresh air.. ;)

    Sadaf: Do try it out if you like.. and do taste the level of sweetness. Adjust it to your own likeness. That will be the best suggestion I can advise, as I don't always follow every single recipe out there in the market. Just need to trust your own tastebuds ;).

    Kim Bee: I think all of us needs to be reminded. After having read Jennie's posts, I am worried about that day losing my own parents. I may be an adult now, and things do happen for a reason. However, I feel we all need to do more, so that there will not be any regrets in life. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's ordeal. In a way I'm glad that our foodie community is here for one another.. Hugs, Jo


  8. Awesome tribute! I am in love with your pie..looks most definitely mouthwatering!

  9. Ann: How was your Disney trip? Bet you must have loads of fun. Can't wait to check out what you are up to.

    Sandra: Glad to hear it's mouth watering. Wish I could serve you some right now.. for you to taste test ;). Enjoy the rest of your weekends ladies, as my Monday blues are starting to kick in..

    Hugs, Jo

  10. This was a beautiful post. And your peanut butter pie looks killer! :)

  11. Beautiful post, the pictures are beautiful

  12. Cooking Creation, Claire: I do apologise for getting back to you so late. Work has been slightly hectic. Finally got slight breather. I like how you describe that the pie is a killer.. killer to cravings I hope!! Heheheh.. Hopefully you do have the time to try it out. Cheers, Jo


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