Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food Buzz Top 9: Amanda's Pink Rainbow Cake is #1

Gosh.. THANK YOU to all my foodie friends who buzzed, and my friends [the quiet supporters] that left me with so many sweet comments whether in my blog or over chat rooms. This is real EPIC. I am so thrilled and really feel like a kid all over again. Being no# 1 for the very first time, is something to me.. however having made Top 9 is already something to me..

Have a great week and hopefully this Pink Rainbow Cake will put heaps of smiles on any little girl to big girls face. I really do believe now, when a door closes another will open. This is a beginning of a wonderful food journey for me.



  1. I spotted this on Foodbuzz this morning and you totally deserve the top spot! Gorgeous!

  2. I was excited for you when I saw it on the foodbuzz spot this morning!! Yay!

  3. Parsley Sage, Tina and Sheri: Thanks so much ladies!! I'm super excited myself too.. Right now, I must keep digging my brain to create as many beautiful meals I can.. it's so nice to read that all of you think I create some nice beautiful looking meals. Hugs, Jo

  4. Fantastic colour layering of the cake!! :)
    Pretty as a picture and looks real delicious too!
    Deserved top 9!


Hey foodies! THANK YOU for leaving me with sweet comments. I hope to inspire you like how you inspire me. Cheers~

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