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Wow.. this is like a trick questionnaire. Elisabeth from Food and Thrift Finds and Sandra Garth from Sweet Sensations tagged me to the latest game called "Seven Links'..How fun is that. I always like how suddenly somebody tags you and you'll be put on the spot to really crack your head to look for the answer.

However, right now in my opinion, I'm having the hardest time to even draft this post.. LOL.. a sudden loss for words or maybe just no clue at all. Instead, I will do my level best to go through all my posts and share with you on what I thought about them. Walking down this memory lane, I now know I've come a long way. So long that at one point I was demotivated to even posts anything, partially busy at work plus I had a mind block. No excuse there.. I know.. especially when I love food, treats or even hosting a cookout or party so much. It's scary, and I hope I will not have another mind block again and start losing all of you readers and supporters.

Also I like to mention this as I still recall that Elisabeth was the very first person to discover me, added me in Foodbuzz and the rest was history. No bias here, and because of her; I'm glad I met all of you lovely foodies. So here goes.. and taking a deep breath [phew...]

1. The Most Beautiful Post

Hmmm... this is tough, as I really love all my posts. Whether the photo is good looking or not. If I had to pick, this is seriously a tough choice... I will pick my Gerbera Daisy Cake. This was an exotic rich cake flavour. Dark rich chocolate cake with light fluffy mango butter cream. Let's just say I'm a sucker for Gerbera Daisies.

2. The Most Popular Post

It has to be the most recent cake I baked for my niece's full moon. My Amanda's Pink Rainbow Cake made to Top 9 and was on the no# 1 spot, then was tweeted or mentioned by Foodbuzz themselves on Twitter. It's my first time ever having so many bloggers, readers stop by leaving me with the sweetest comments ever, and not only that.. it helped shot up my followers from 48 to 61 now. This is real epic, and I feel I don't say it enough.. THANK YOU for making it possible.

3. The Most Controversial Post

I'm not quite sure what it means by controversial, but I believe I was taking a gamble on the ever classic Lemon Meringue Tart. I decided that it was time for a make over, and made it to my very own version of Lemon Curd Pavlova Tart.. still covering the base elements of the lemon tart. I could have either had foodies like it or maybe disliked it as I was changing a classic tart.

4. The Most Helpful Post

Well let me see, I think it could probably be my Homemade Pizza dough post and I hope this is good enough to inspire you to make your very own pizza base. It's light and crunchy and will have you asking for more.

5. Post That Was Surprisingly Successful

I love samosas, but not willing to deep fry and end up with heaps of cleaning up to do. So for the first time I posted my Jo's Veggie-ish Samosas, it surprisingly attracted a lot more readers too. And this was my very first time making Foodbuzz Top 9. This was the day that I decided that I will continue to make more lovely treats or even share with you my cooking recipes.. whether I make it to Top 9 or not.

6. Post That Did Not Get The Attention It Deserved

I think it definitely had to be my Tiramisu tarts, and Scrumptious Strawberry tarts and Heavenly Mango Mousse Cake. Come to think of it they are really lovely and deserve some love and attention too ;). Though one; is thinking out of the box and one is classic or should I say.. maybe common, I feel they are all delish. So I hope you do try them out.. Maybe tarts can be the new trend, just like the macaroons or the cupcakes.

7. Post You're Most Proud Of

For this I'm indecisive, and like to share with you 2 out of 3 of my posts which I truly am proud of since one of them is up there too. For me, kneading dough has been daunting. However, I feel I've overcome this fear of mine, and am definitely going to come up with more recipes or test out any recipes. Right now, I like to share with you my Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnuts and Tana Ramsay's Bagels. I assure you frozen or store bought ones are completely different from the ones you make on your own. Though slightly more work.. but every single minute is worth it.

Now, I am going to tag a few new 7 blogger friends too. Let me see who's the lucky one ;).

2. Katie's Cucina
3. Amanda @ Baking Without A Box
4. Stacey @ Baker Court
5. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink.Love
6. Sheri @ Homemade Served Here
7. Pierre @ Little Hungry Heart

Till then everyone.. TGIF and have a good weekend.



  1. You have some amazing looking posts here :)

  2. Great links, Jo! Looking around your blog and this is just perfect to see all your favorite posts. I love jelly donuts but not into deep frying. You are so right to be proud of them ... they look delicious! I definitely will be trying out the pizza base recipe as I'm always on the lookout for a good pizza base. And btw, I think all of them should be put into #1.

  3. Magic of Spice: I hope you do explore further and thanks for stopping by.

    Ping: Me too, I'm not fan of deep frying. But because I got the oil up to 350 degrees, it only took 3 secs on each side and the doughnuts were golden in colour. It did not absorb much or should I say any oil. Oh! I'm a pizza lover.. so finding this pizza base recipe is a blessing. This will be the only pizza recipe I go by.. Thanks for all your support. I appreciate it to bits. Hugs, Jo

  4. You are so your 7 link posts! Very beautiful!!

  5. Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! I am in total awe of every single recipe and photo. As if I didn't love your blog enough before, I am new to it and just falling more and more in love by the post! I really want to make that pink cake because I love pink! And it's breast cancer awareness month coming up.... :)



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